The New Commander is a boss from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy VII. She is the boss of Lurker Bastion. By this point, Jak and Daxter have probably already defeated her, along with Klaww, at the Grand Estate. However, she is much more difficult to deal with this time around.


The New Commander is now fighting solo, and so she has an entirely new set of abilities. In addition to her slight antigravity powers from the earlier battle, she now can summon a Precursor Shield that can ram Jak and Daxter as well as deflect their attacks. She also holds a spinning razor blade weapon which can hurt at close range. Her other attack is a firearm that shoots six well-aimed energy bolts. The first thing to do is take care of the Precursor Shield. Activate the Red Eco vent and use the strong attacks to destroy it temporarily. During this time, use the Yellow Eco vent to fire at the New Commander's weaponry. When the Precursor Shield returns, repeat the cycle until the weapons are destroyed. At this time, the New Commander will instead resort to harnessing eco herself, but the Precursor Shield will still be a factor. If she uses a Yellow Eco charge, you'll have to dodge the shots. If she uses a Red Eco charge, don't attempt to fight her close up. If she uses a Blue Eco charge, she'll be too fast to hit. Either way, it'll be a difficult time. Remember to use Red Eco to break the shield and Yellow Eco to damage the boss. After enough hits, you'll win the fight and get a Power Cell.

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