New Age is a collection of works made by 1337doom (tbc) for one purpose: to entertain himself. They are often described as ridiculous.

Main Works

  • Elite Fisticuffs, an insane crossover fighting game that spawned numerous similar projects called Baby Waffles.. Originally started as a Super Smash Bros. game, but 1337doom changed it to make it more 'original'. He then was inspired to put it into a set along with 413TCG, thus making New Age. Later, he decided EFantasy was the correct partner for it.
  • Elite Fantasy, the sort-of sequel to EFisticuffs. It is a humorous RPG about original characters exploring several settings. In the same way Baby Waffles are author appeal projects inspired by EFisti, EFanta is inspired by similar author appeal RPG Epic Battle Fantasy.

Side Works

  • 413TCG, an insane crossover trading card game. The 413 is not entirely a Homestuck reference, given as 1337doom sees it all over the place and not just in Homestuck. Evidence: Fantendo's anniversary is on 413.
  • Malicious Melody/Hostile Harmony, music albums about CC, OCNC and more.

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