The interview for New Adventures of YoshiEgg. Questions are appreciated. - YoshiEgg (tbc) of Bomb Productions Games.


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Outer Inc.: Well, first off. What will the gameplay be like, will it be like previous games, or a brand new gameplay?

BPG - The gameplay will be more or less the same as New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but with some added adjustments. This game goes back to the YoshiEgg series's "Kirby-cute" days, but will still have plenty of action.

Outer Inc.: Oh, I see. Well, will there be any brand new characters that will take a big part in the storyline?

BPG - Yes, there will be some new characters, but only some will play a very important role. Adding onto the gameplay topic, there will also be the option of riding Yoshis, some with special "memory abilities".

FLM - We see that Yoshi's and Clyde appear, will they have similar roles?

BPG - Clyde will be a helper, but you will still ride him like a regular Yoshi, though he is much stronger and faster than regular Yoshis in the game. Some regular Yoshis will have memory abilities, which allow their memories to find a time when the met YoshiEgg and gain a special ability relating to that memory. For instance, for YoshiEgg DSi, one Yoshi has a memory ability allowing you to use him as the Picture Box for a short amount of time.

Omegaverse Corp. - Will William Scratch make an appearance?

BPG - We were thinking about it, but we "scratched" him out from the latest demo due to a bug in programming. There's a possibility he may appear in the final version...

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