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Neverworld Rift
Neverworld English
Developer(s) Existence Software
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Single Player
Media Included Nintendo Switch cartridge
Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Neverworld Rift, known in Japan as NEVERWORLD: Nintendo Civil War (NEVERWORLD 任天堂南北戦争 NEVERWORLD: Nintendō Nanbokusensō), is a Nintendo Switch game aiming to reboot the Neverworld franchise originally by Purpleverse Inc.. While it uses the same premise and atmosphere as the original, the game is vastly different in story and gameplay. While the game primarily stars characters from various Nintendo franchises, such as Mario and Link, the game's universe also includes it's own "original" characters, including The Neverworlder, PIKA and Janie Twice. Unlike most games created by Nintendo, Neverworld Rift features full voice acting - even for some characters that do not normally have extensive voice clips, like Luigi and Princess Zelda.


See also: The Nintendo Civil War

A strange alien watches over the desert kingdom of Sarasaland. Told by the leader of his military movement to investigate the beings known as "humans", he plans to abduct one of the more popular humans he can find to clone, so he can extensively study their actions. Through his scanner, he finds the fair princess of the kingdom, Princess Daisy, in a parade watched by hundreds of Snifits, Toads and other strange beings the purple one is unable to name. He looks at the girl and smiles: she'd be perfect. He watches her as she strolls through the town and into the castle some ways away, before gently moving his ship to hover above her home. He sets up the teleporter, and quickly manages to locate her through his infrared scope, before teleporting her onto his ship for only a few moments. Unconscious from the beam, he scans her body and removes a long strand of her brown hair before he teleports her back to her throne.

Quickly, the short little alien scuttles to a long test tube machine, where he places the strand of hair into a machine, and presses a large button springing out of the side of it. He watches as the strand of DNA dissolves and a human being take shape inside the goop-filled tube. The form of the princess he had kidnapped once before. He returns to his control panel, where he commands his ship to leave the planet and enter its orbit, deactivating his camouflage as he does. The second he turns it off, the electricity in his ship falters and he swivels around in his chair to see the clone - mostly complete - step out of its test tube. He hands her a white jumpsuit kept in the pilot's cabin for other crew members, though the purple alien was sent alone on this mission. "You," he says, his voice high with cracks in it, as if a young adolescent. "You shall be named Janie. Janie Twice."

Present Day:

Samus slams her hands against the table, the thin rubber of the Zero Suit she wears smacking against the hard plastic, making it echo throughout the room. She had been called to Earth for a meeting during one of her intergalactic travels, and she just so happened to meet up with one of her great colleagues, Anthony Higgs. Looking at him brought pain to Samus' chest; he reminded her of her good friend Adam Malkovich, the last person she had ever felt for before she distanced herself from people. "I can't stand this." she mutters with anger, and all eyes turn to her. What they were discussing was lost to Samus, something about launching a new space station and establishing a trading route with Earth and another off-planet colony. She doesn't care.

Samus strides out of the room with annoyance. Why was she called to this? She hasn't had anything to do with the Galactic Federation for years, yet she was among the many soldiers to have been called to this meeting. A better question was why did she accept? There were bigger, more important matters in the universe that she could be taking care of.

She heard the door slide open behind her, and footsteps smacking against the metallic flooring. "What's wrong Princess?" he asks her, but she shrugs him off. "Is this about Adam?" he asks her, and regrets it.

"No." she says, striding off. She didn't know what this was about. But she did know where she could go. A place where none of these Galactic Fed soldiers were allowed to go. The Final Destination.


Luigi spun the snout of the Poltergust around in his hand. He and his brother had just gotten back from Evershade Valley, where Luigi was tasked, for the third time, to save his brother. They strode up the steps of the Mushroom Kingdom Castle, and slowly opened the doors. Toad retainers looked up, and greeted the two brothers, and three familiar Toads strode out from another room. "Ah, Masters Mario and Luigi." he was an old Toad by the name of Toadsworth. At his sides stood his assistants, the aptly named Toad and Toadette. "How was your exhibition to Evershade Valley?"

Luigi and Mario glanced at each other, before the older of the brothers explained their journey. After he was finished, the three Toads stared at Luigi with wide eyes. "Well done, Master Luigi!" Toadsworth beamed. He coughed twice, before looking to Mario. "I assume you two are looking for the Princess?" Mario nods. "I'm sorry to say that she is not here. She received a summon from Princess Daisy and headed off earlier today. You two should head over there." This time, it is Luigi's turn to nod. Mario nods, explains that they should make sure she is alright. It is their duty after all. "Of course." Toadsworth says. "Toad, Toadette: ready the Sky Pop."

Toadette jumps up. "Alright." she yelps as she and Toad rush away. He starts to follow the two before a blue-capped Toad appears before him. "Yes Toadbert?" Toadsworth asks, but the blue Toad rushes around him and towards the Mario Bros. "You two have been called to The Final Destination." he says, handing the two white envelopes with brown stickers. The brown stickers show an emblem, one of a circle with lines that cross through each other to make a plus sign. Mario eyes his note suspiciously, before turning to Luigi. "Let's-a go!" he says with a smile and the two run to Toadsworth. First the princess, then Final Destination.


The genre of the game is very scattered, and hence has different play styles through the game. While the previous incarnations of the series were fighter-RPG's with a very heavy story element, Neverworld Rift is more RPG-based in the fact that players control many characters as they try to kill the Neverworlder and revert the Nintendoverse back to it's original form. Despite this, there is a tactical element in the game, similar to the Fire Emblem series, though not in real-time. At some points in the story, the factions of the Nintendo Civil War will do battle either against one another or against a larger enemy. The strategical planning is done prior to the battle being fought, and allows for football-esque plays to be conducted. After the faction has planned, the game will switch to a Dynasty Warriors-esque fighter, with the player fighting against a large horde of enemies whilst trying to take down the two commanders and, lastly, the faction leader.

Various parts of the game also bring in Meta Gear Solid-styled stealth elements, Advance Wars' hiring of fighters for your factions, and can be, in very few cases, a Call of Duty-esque shooter.


Main article: List of Characters

It has been stated that characters from multiple video game series owned by Nintendo will appear in the game, with many siding under various factions as the Neverworlder rages war on the Nintendoverse. The characters interact with each other in ways not unlike the Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, although their relationships are developed greater due to being broken apart from factions.


The game takes place in-between time and space, "located" (according to the characters) in the centre of the Nintendoverse. The area, dubbed the "Neverworld", combines aspects from various Nintendo series. The Neverworld is centred around a large lake with an island in the centre of it, where the Neverworlder spends most of his time, and where his cronies plot their strategies and attacks.


Promotional material


Character artwork


  • The game's boxart uses a unique template for the Wii U: as opposed to it's blue gradient, it is now a red gradient that fades to black.
    • The box's spine uses a modified variation of the logo, with the name being NeveRift. This is the first, and currently only, game to use a game's nickname on it's box.

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"Neverworld", PIKA, The Pied Piper, The Neverworlder, Janie Twice and Purple Guy © Cobweb (tbc), Purpleverse Inc.
Properties used without permission.

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