Neverworld Reality
Developer(s) Dreams Inc., Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Starry Skies, Wii U
Release Date(s)
August 20th, 2019
Age Rating(s)
ESRB T, Pegi +16, Cero C
Genre(s) Action/Strategy
Series Neverworld
Predecessor Neverworld Rift
Successor  ?
Media Included Videogame
Neverworld Reality is an alt. universe spin-off of the Neverworld series made by Dreams Inc. and released for the Starry Skies. While the game was criticized for going in a new direction with a separate canon from the original series, it was praised for its original gameplay.


See Neverworld Reality/Nintendo World War I


The gameplay can be considered as a less gory Hotline Miami with some Fire Emblem elements. You control your character freely in a top-down environment taking out enemies with attacks and weapons which you can pick up from the ground, however, you can also call allies into the battle which are controlled by CPUs which you can guide via commands ("Come here!", "Take out those guys!", "Cover me!", etc.).

Outside of a stage you have your overworld, which is a big map organized as a hexagon grid, with each exagon representing a spot of territory, which you can claim as your own in order to help you get an advantage. Sometimes you may meet another faction, but that depends on when you decide to tackle a stage, as the game uses a real time system and a faction might take control of a certain territory and claim it as theirs if you don't take it first.

The game has 3 main modes, Story Mode, War Mode and Multiplayer Mode, in Story Mode you control your faction as you battle other factions and try to stop the mastermind behind the war, "The Freakmeister". Meanwhile, in War Mode, you can choose any Faction you want or customize your own as you fight in a free mode of sorts where your goal is simply to take out other factions and win the war. Multiplayer Mode is similar to War Mode except the ruleset is customizable and you fight against other players instead of player-controlled factions.


Faction Uprising

Image Name Description
MP10 Land Mario Mario's looking a little different today? Because this time he comes from a different the past, it's weird. Mario can use meelee to fight, as well as using Superballs which can bounce if they hit walls and throw a limited amount of Bombshells to make explosions.
LinkRadioactive Link Link is the leader of the Hyrule military and just so happens to be the co-founder of Faction Uprising. Link can use his sword and shield along with his Fire Staff to burn enemies, as well as protecting himself using the Cane of Byrna, though the Fire Staff and Cane of Byrna both drain magic from the Magic Bar.
256px-Peach - Mario Party 10 Peach Peach joind the faction some time after being rescued by Mario from the crater and now she's ready to fight! She can use Perry the Parasol to hit opponents, pluck vegetables from specific spots to throw at enemies and use the Vibe Scepter to modify her stats.

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