Template:F3 Neverworld: Until Eternity is an upcoming F3 game. It incorporates every aspect of gaming, including 3 Dimensional gameplay, Paper gameplay, and Super Smash gameplay. There are multiple storylines in the game, just a few of which are PIKA and The Pied Piper becoming possessed by ChildLike, the supposed "death" of Ivan (leader of the Amigoes Inc.) which starts a power struggle, and Litle P setting off to rescue Sandslash P from Sunnyscythe.


3D Mode

Very little is known about the 3D Mode. It will incorporate at least two storylines, which involve ROB, Daisy, and Sir Snifit.

Paper Mode

Contrasting 3D Mode, Paper Mode has been very well publicized. Two main characters have been confirmed- Litle P and an Amigoe named Raichu. One storyline follows Litle P searching for Sandslash P after he is kidnapped by Sunnyscythe. The other storyline involves a lot of in-fighting between the Amigoes due to their leader, Ivan, faking his death.

Super Smash Bros. Mode

Story Mode

There is very little storyline of the SSB Mode. The only plot revealed so far is that the Pied Piper and PIKA have been possessed by ChildLike and are going on a rampage.

Vs. Mode

A few playable characters have been confirmed so far:

  • PIKA
  • Pied Piper
  • Litle P & Sandslash
  • Sunnyscythe

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