Nevermore is a game by Flash Paradise for the Nintendo VR. It is based off of the Nevermore series of Flash Games.


The gameplay is a platformer. All the character can do is walk and jump, but when walking up to NPCs, he or she will talk to them. Also, other objects like switches and hats can be used in the same manner.


The story is broken up into three parts, which are called "episodes" despite it not being an episodic game.

Episode 1: An Old Treasure

The game begins with a small boy named Olek who lives in a small little town. The owner of the nearby store requests him to "stretch his legs" by chasing a squirrel, which he does. After that, the owner says that the shopkeeper wanted to tell Olek something, so he goes over to the market. The owner of the other store tells Olek about an ancient little map that shows where treasure is in the mines. He then tells Olek it shouldn't be too much trouble for Olek to go and find the treasure. Olek heads out of the village past the lake to the great wall leading to the rest of Nevermore. After climbing over the wall, he finds himself in the Skyrail Station, which has skylifts leading to the rest of Nevermore. None of the skylifts are open, so he climbs all the way to the roof and jumps out, landing in some king of ruins. Olek traverses through the ruins and finds a sign saying "Secret Clifftop Pirate Hideout. Go Away." Olek isn't one to be scared, however, so he intrudes on the pirate hideout anyway. More coming

Episode 2: The Long Path

Episode 3: Elder's Faraway City

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