Neverhood Village is the Main Hub World in the Neverhood Series. It is where all the Chaos live and was very peaceful until Dr. Kogg turned almost the whole village into monsters with his Mutation Formula. Later, Kogg kidnapeed all the Small Chaos to use them as batteries for his Kogbot Army.


Battle For The Neverhood

After Dr. Kogg mutated all the Small Chaos into ferocous monsters, they all run amuk all over the island and the Village is now stranded with only a group of Chaos determined to save everyone.

The Village has no chaos at first but the more monsters you defeat, the more chaos return to the Village.

Fight 2 The End!!

When Kogg stole all the Small Chaos to power up his Kogbot Army, the entire Chao Group go out and destroy as many Kogbots as possible.

Like the first game, at first there are no small chaos

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