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Nevaeh Arabella Jamell is a character from Fantendo Adventure who has been shown to have a few psycoligical isues, for example, she kills and eats Eva in Rick's Story, shoots Sora in Sam's Story knowing nothing is wrong with him and attempted to drown Opal in Brochi's Story.


Nevaeh was born in India and moved to Fantenville when she was 8. She left school at 18 and became a nurse but was fired because the patients where uncomfortable around her as she kept doing 'weird things'. Nevaeh settled down in a house in the Bog after her parents 'mysteriously' died in an electrical accident. Nevaeh has lived alone in her house since then.


Nevaeh seems like a perfectly nice and kind person but inside she's a messed up, insane, pyscotic mess that has trouble controling her self.


  • Nevaeh is 'Heaven' backwards.
  • Nevaeh is the only character to knowingly eat human flesh.
  • Nevaeh is comfirmed to be in Fantendo Adventure.
  • Nevaeh is the only character to show ill feelings towards Opal.

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