NetherRealm vs. PlayStation is a series of crossover fighting games, featuring characters both NetherRealm and PlayStation, developed by NetherRealm Studios and Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was the first Vs. series involving NetherRealm, who would later produce other Mortal Kombat Franchise.


Main the gameplay have sent to latest 3D-based fighting game. Learn into fighting style is change, same thing about other fighting games, all players must used different variations and can used Gear System to increased stats. Once the wargear (from Dawn of War franchise) to used where maked from konquer.


Even have seens is explosion and destruction, if mean to get transitions, to maked visit our zones and most importrive into graphic 3D, which mean about perfect place.




Raiden Kratos
Liu Kang Parappa
Sub-Zero Cole McGrath
Ermac Kat
Johnny Cage Sly Cooper
Sonya Blade Carmelita Fox
Jax Briggs Emmett Grave
Scorpion Jak
Kano Sweet Tooth
Reptile Chimera Hybrid
Kitana Nariko
Goufu Ratchet
Nuham Hooded Figure
Viaze Spike
Mileena Dollface
Rosso Blank Nathan Drake
Cyrax Delsin Rowe
Sheeva Abe
Jade Jodie Holmes
Shang Tsung Calypso
Noob Saibot Klonoa
Havik Crash Bandicoot
Sektor Spyro
Mavado Radec
Shinnok Zeus
Goro Tigershark
Kintaro Icelion
Shao Kahn Ares
Cyber Sub-Zero Vampire Cole McGrath
Nightwolf Rau Utu
Kung Lao Wander
Kabal Nathan Hale
Tremor Blasto
Stryker Gabriel Logan
Erron Black Ruby Roughnight
Sindel Athena
Kotal Kahn Dart Feld
Det Iota
Ferra & Torr Knack
Sarah Nac Fat Princess
D'Vorah Toro Inoue
Nitara Jennifer Tate
Kenshi Poseidon
Great Kung Lao Sackboy
Quan Chi Clockwerk
Tanniel Kessler
Moloch Hades
Bo'Rai Cho The Panda King
Knightware Kutaro
Appur Joel
Tasia Raven
No Face Rico
Atmosphere Dr. Nefarious
Happern Abigail Walker
Nimbus Terrafaux Alias
Donn'Jarr Arc
Rayonk Robbit
Sennial Wonel Lammy
Hydro Aya Brea
Reiko Helios
Nally Penelope
Belokk Muggshot
Drahmin Flameclaw
Orochi Hellbeast Crunch Bandicoot
Senter Lid Toan
Khameleon Cynder
Chameleon Hermes
Frost Specter
Li Mei Zarok
Hsu Hao Apollo
Belxy Rose
Krayne Vahn
Breach Thanatos
Motaro Kuro
Onaga Barcoll Hordex
Baraka Aarbron
Darrius Tomas Sevchenko
Ashrah Alias
Hotaru Rajan
Kobra Baron Praxis
Dairou Hercules
Kira Artemis
Trinimol Jean Bison
Vobbaen Precursor
Te'Rask Polygon Man

Video Games

  • Mortal Kombat vs. Sony (2005)
  • Mortal Kombat vs. PlayStation All-Stars (2009)
  • NetherRealm vs. PlayStation: Between of Two Universe (2012)

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