Full Name Nester
Gender Male
Species Human
Howard Philips

Nester was the original mascot of the Nintendo Power magazine, and the star of a comic series, Howard and Nester, that appeared in said magazine. Nester grew in popularity upon his first appearance, and was given several cameos in video games (NES Play Action Football, StarTropics and To the Earth to name three), before getting a starring role in the Virtual Boy title Nester's Funky Bowling.

Starting with the 20th Anniversary Edition of Nintendo Power, Nester is an adult who plays classic games, and has a son, Max, who plays more modern games. A QR Code for a Mii based upon adult Nester was released by Nintendo with the 268th issue. He made his final appearance in the 285th issue (the final Nintendo Power magazine), where he showed off his collection of Nintendo Power magazines.

Nester shares his physical appearance with another Nintendo character, Lark from Pilotwings 64. Due to the striking similarities, Lark and Nester are often regarded as the same person, but whether they actually are is merely conjecture.


  • Nester was created by Howard Phillips, the Howard who he rivals against in his comics.

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