First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. Omega
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros. Omega

Nessdarks are black, spherical enemies with triangle-shaped shards circling around himself. These creatures live in darkness and appear in New Super Mario Bros. Omega.

Attack Pattern

Nessdarks attack via their shards. They throw one shard at Mario, which would hurt him. Mario can still defeat them by his trademark jump, if there are shards circling around or not.

Game Appearances

Omega in Shards

As said above, Nessdarks first appear in New Super Mario Bros. Omega.

Foreign Names

Language Name Meaning
From 破片 hahen (shard) and 暗い kurai (dark)
GermanDunkFrom dunkel, being dark
ItalianNessdarkSame as english



  • The name Nessdark is a is a play on Darkness.
  • All the sub-species of the Nessdark resemble creatures which may release toxins. The Nessdark itself doesn't, though.
  • Nessdarks somehow resemble Vaati, a Legend of Zelda villain.

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