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Ness SSB3M

Using his baseball bat, Ness combines melee and ranged attacks. He can jump high and use his PK powers. He is a Tricky character and his main elements are Fire and Thunder.

Special Moves

Standard Special: PK Fire. Ness shoots a little thunder which becomes a great fire pillar. The attack inflicts 5% of damage.

Side Special: Baseball Bat. Ness charges a great attack with the bat and the releases. This attack, which inflict 21% of damage, can have a better knockback than Smash Attacks.

Up Special: PK Thunder. Ness makes a thunder ball which inflicts 7% of damage and if it touches Ness, he will be shot into the PK Thunder direction inflicting 17% of damage to everything he meets.

Down Special: PSI Magnet. Ness makes a ball which heals him as the damage as the energy-based which could attack him.

Final Smash: PK Starstorm. Ness calls some meteors which inflict 20% of damage each.

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