Nerd Goomba is the smartest Goomba in the entire world. Ask him anything, and he will most likely give the right answer.



Nerd Goomba is a brown goomba not unlike the rest of his friends and school mates. According to his parents, he looks just like when they were children. Nerd Goomba wears thick glasses and a backpack with books in it. Whenever he uses Tattle in battle or in the overworld, he takes out one of his books.

Personality and history

Not much is known about Nerd Goomba, aside from his extremely large amount of intelligence, able to solve normally impossible questions. He uses this to help Mario in Paper Mario: Flower Power, as he is the first partner Mario meets.

He is also very sarcastic, and even though he is a nerd he is popular at Goomba School. His favorite class was Math before he went to 7th grade, where one of his teachers told him about the Book of Power, and even since he has been studying history and geographery.

When Goombario and Mario reunite, he says that they used to be buddies until he had to move to the Mushroom Kingdom due to work reasons. From then on, the two both travel with Mario, with Goombario using his newfound morphing powers to act as a different part of the team then before.

Fanon Appearances

Epic Mario Kart

Nerd Goomba appears Epic Mario Kart and he is unlockable by doing 8000 races as Goomba. His special item, Smart Banana, is a variant of the Banana Peel, and he is in the small class.

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