There is absolutely NO way I'm going THAT far!
Nequeo, Metroid Prime 4

Nequeo is a character in Metroid Prime 4. He is a Galactic Federation Trader, traveling through and out of the glaaxy. Nequeo was born on K2-L, much like Samus Aran, and is a human like her. However, he was away on a trading mission when the Space Pirates attacked the planet itself. Since then, Nequeo has never returned. Nequeo has been to almost every planet in the nearby sectors of the galaxy. However, he is slightly unwilling to travel to the nearby Tetra or Dasha Galaxies, preferring to stay with what is familiar. The reason for this is he had a bad experience when visiting outside of the galaxy. Something to do with some hostile life forms, but nobody save for Nequeo knows what actually happened. Nequeo has a family - a wife and small son. He is somewhere between 32 to 37 years of age.

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