Neptune Override is an upcoming 2D Umbrella Fighting game set to be released sometime in Late 2015. It follows the Super Smash Bros. engine but doesn't share many characters with said series.

Starting Characters

Like Velocity Fighters and Downfall, the game utulizes the concept of characters being guessed by the Fantendo community before they are revealed using hints, but there are six characters revealed prior to the beginning of the guessing game.

Character Description
Alpha Season 2
A well known player of TOME and the former host of The Forbidden Power, Alpha's attacks are based off of Greek Mythology, such as the all-mighty lightning strike of Zeus or Poseidon's ocean waves. 
Cucumber is a young bunny-person who is destined to save Dreamside from the Evil Nightmare Knight. He uses his "borrowed" wand to perform magic spells and can also use the Dream Sword. 
Hajime Hinata
Being the protagonist and also kinda sorta the antagonist of the 2nd Dangan Ronpa game, Hajime is fluent in the art of using Truth Bullets and Evidence in battle.
Mika Sho New Design!
Mika Sho
The main character for NightVision Entertainment, Mika is a young pyrokinetic girl who uses said pyrokinesis to attack. She, while not being the hardest hitter in the game, is quite agile when fighting.
Rosalina - Mario Party 10
The cosmic princess who has appeared in EVERYTHING lately. She can use Lumas to help her attack as well as starbits and her spin attack. Like in Super Smash Bros., Rosalina is one of the floatier characters in the game. 
Ruby Rose
One of the fastest players in the game, Ruby uses her Crescent Rose, a scythe that transforms into a sniper rifle, as her main method of attack. 
Gundham Tanaka - Danganronpa
Gundham Tanaka
The Ultimate Breeder, Tanaka uses alchemy and his Four Dark Devas of Destruction to attack. 

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