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Developer(s) Dark Light Studios 1
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Platform(s) 3DS, NX, Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC M rating
Genre(s) Adventure, Side-Scroller, 2D Platformer
Series Neonplex

Neonplex is an upcoming 2D Platformer coming to the 3DS, NX & Visus Sphere it is part of a new series called Neonplex. The game revolves around Neon Beings known as Nionites that have the ability to change colour at will as well as swim through Data Streams, the liquids on the planet.


The games backstory explains how many years ago there was a mighty empire of Nionites called the Cyan Streaks, they were an economically booming and war-faring empire, boasting massive armies. However one day they disappeared off of the face of the planet without explanation. Without order to govern them, the smaller empires began to feed among them creating devastating monsters to protect them and destroy neighbouring empires.

The player takes the role of a lost Nionite called Beat that had grown up in the outlands where colour is randomized and alliances do not last long. Beat had been living with a small traveling caravan that was to him, home. However one fateful day, the caravan was ambushed by insane warriors who were uncoloured and slaughtered all the members of the caravan except Beat. Now left with the only people he called family dead, Beat plans to save the royalty of the land from the monsters that have overtaken their empires.


The game functions and pays homage to the playstyle of old Mario, Megaman & Kirby. The player is able to run and jump as well as perform several techniques allowing for greater exploration within levels. These techniques include Wall Jumping, High Backlflips, Kick Flips & Ledge Grabs.

In addition, Beat's special ability to change his colour allows for him to deal out different types of attacks, depending on which colour he has attached he can travel through Data Streams of that colour, be immune to damage from enemies of that type and deal damage to other enemies,in addition each colour grants Beat a different ability such as the Gold Air Dash & Red Charge.


Character Name Character Image Description
Beat Neonplex
Beat is a lost Nionite who grew up in the outlands, an area of the continent that is not governed by any particular group and therefore its Data Stream and monsters are known for lack of Colour. As a young adult, Beat travelled with a Caravan of traders whom he protected from wild animals. However on one particular day, everyone he knew were slaughtered by insane warriors and he was left without a home, Beat vowed to return order to the land by returning the royalty of the land back to power.
Queen Scarlet
Queen Scarlet

The Queen of the Crimson Desert, Queen Scarlet was known for her kind qualities and caring towards her people who had known a great amount of suffering in their life time. However in the chaos that ensued after the disappearance of the Cyan Streaks Empire, her kingdom turned on her and used her to strike fear in to the hearts of anyone foolish enough to wander into the Red Data Streams.

Emperor Lime
Emperor Lime
Emperor Lime was generally regarded as one of the most wise individuals in the entire continent, he brought vast advancements to his people as well as making life for them generally better. However at the peak of his reign, several individuals plotted against him and cursed him into a monstrous form that was sealed deep below his own Palace.
Duke Navy
Duke Navy
Duke Navy is the youngest ruler of the 8 Royalty of the land, he commands over the vast forests that his people were able to acquire over time and is generally seen as slightly cowardly but good hearted. He places a lot of trust in his people and often is referred to as the People's Duke. While inexperienced he has dealt with situations regarding the other Empires before however soon after the Cyan Streaks fell, he was captured by a group of terrorists within his capital and was subjected to forced morphism.
Empress Indigo
Empress Indigo
The ruler of the highly volcanic region known as the Violet Volcanoes, Empress Indigo is known for being one of the more emotional rulers nad while she often tries to remain calm in situations of stress, she also often caves in on her emotions leading to some less then desirable opinions from other empires. She has a very strong grip of the people in her lands and is often seen among the populace regularly throughout the year.
King Gold
King Gold
The oldest ruler of the empires, King Gold is known for being a slightly greedy Nionite with regards to money however is extremely forgiving and caring to his people, he is sometimes referred to as the King who never dies as he has outlived an entire generation of Rulers before the current ones. However those who saught his riches, found him to be quite the problematic opponent and instead of capturing him, they instead subjected him to Morphism such that he would be unrecognizable to his own people.
Duchess Magenta
Duchess Magenta
One of the younger leaders of the empires, Duchess Magenta is known for her tactics in deception and is often heralded as one of the most tactical leaders despite her young age. She is known to be somewhat mischievious even in adulthood as she sometimes pranks her subjects. Her people however saw the downfall of the Cyan Streaks as an oppurtunity for revenge and had her condemned and punished for her trickery.
Lady White
Lady White
Lady White & Lord Black are known to many as the two most powerful individuals on the entire continent, they live in solitude of everyone except each other in the Greyscale Kingdom and what goes on within is a mystery. Lady White appears more compassionate than Lord Black and is generrally seen has having good intentions for all despite this on several occasions leading to misguided consequences. As of recently, she and Lord Black acquired mysterious masks that seem to match, however their purpose is unknown and lately the two have completely dissapeared with their Kingdom becoming overrun by ravagenous monsters.
Lord Black
Lord Black
Lord Black, like Lady White is one of the two Nionite individuals who live in the Greyscale Kingdom, he is generally seen less than Lady White although his occasional appearances at formal events between the leaders is consistent. He is more studious than Lady White and is often known for being a great problem solver which is likely why their Kingdom doesn't need much space in comparison to others. Like Lady White, soon after Lord Black acquired the mysterious mask that is attached to the right side of his face, he and Lady White have mysteriously vanished, allowing their Kingdom to become overrun with monsters.



The Outlands are a mysterious and deserted place, there are many individuals who find themselves cursed to wander these lands looking for other unfortunate souls to either band together with or battle for the scarce resources that dot the Outlands.

Crimson Desert

A land limited in food & water, the Crimson Desert is only able to sustain itself on its trading with neighbouring empires in which it trades rare minerals and gemstones for food and water. The Nionites who live here are often ravaged by famines and droughts forcing them on ocassion to the brink of extinction, these are hardy nionites who know how to endure even in great suffering.

Malachite Hills

Recognized across the continent for its impressive monuments, the Malachite hills are covered in vast technological feats that allows its Nionites to live in comfort, the Nionites of the Malachite Hills are very secretive however and often avoid contact with neighbouring Empires.

Sky Blue Forests

The vibrant Data Streams that flow through the Sky Blue forests are known for their cleanliness and high argicultural effects. The Sky Blue Forests house within them many small towns that together fall under the reign of the young Duke Navy. The Sky Blue Forests are one of the most peaceful empires on the continent and generally are seen not taking sides in feuds.

Violet Volcanoes

The mineral rich volcanoes of the Violet Empire is second only to its high Food produce, the empire is known for its incredibly fertile soil which has been known to attract many immigrants from the neighbouring empires, however a recent tax was added to help increase the Empire's own economy and while this has pleased the local population, it has left relationships with the other empires on slightly shaky grounds.

Cream Lakes

The Cream Lakes are vast bodies of Data Stream that spill out into other countries, each with converters to change the colour. The people of the Cream Lakes are some of the most artistic artists & architects on the continent and are known for their extremely high trading with other countries. They seem more focused on growing the necessary crops for these art designs than food and this makes importing and exporting a necessity in the empire.

Pink Jumgle

The Pink Jungle is a wild and mysterious land, there are many fertile fruits as well as a diverse array of creatures and monsters hidden beneath its canopies. The major cities in Pink Jungle are known for being partly on the ground and partly in the trees, this has allowed for the Empire to maximize its spacial capacity, in doing so it has grown a colossal population outmatching any other Empire excluding the Cyan Streaks prior to their dissapearance. They are known for having a grudge against the Cyan Streaks, whether over land or war, it is uncertain.

Greyscale Kingdom

The smallest of all the Empires, the Greyscale Kingdom consists only of Slate Castle and the mountain upon which it lies. Greyscale Kingdom is extremely efficient in its production and never requires any resources from other countries, its automated defences often ward off other empires from attacking in the first place and those who try and contest it often retreat in defeat. The mountain is said to house great amounts of fertile soil, Data Streams & Minerals.

Phantom Tower

A Ghostly Tower that exists off of the coast of the Continent, this tower is not claimed by any Empire but it not recognized as part of the Outlands. It is said that an ancient sorcerer protected the Tower from crumbling and the land it stood on from eroding away, which supposedly gives the power its eerie power to float above the Ocean as well as the ancient tomes scattered on rocks along the shore. It is uncertain what lies with, however it is suspected that a great evil lurks within.



Throughout levels the player may find various power-ups that transform them into a specific colour, in doing so the player is able to use certain abilities associated with that colour as well as avoid damage from certain types of enemies.

Power-Up Colour Abilities
MaroonMaroon Neonplex
  • Red Charge - Busts through walls and most enemies
  • Immune to Lava
  • Immune to Red Enemies
  • Mini-Flamethrower - Long Range Attack
OrangeOrange Neonplex
  • Orange Shield - Protects the player from damage temporarily
  • Immune to Heat Rays
  • Immune to Orange Enemies
  • Megaton Punch - Short Range with a knockback effect that causes the enemy hit to become a projectile
GoldGold Neonplex
  • Gold Air Dash - Allows for a quick dash in the air to reach far away ledges
  • Immune to Electricity
  • Immune to Yellow Enemies
  • Chain Lightning - Medium Range with chaining abilities
GreenGreen Neonplex
  • Green Float - Allows the player to perform a floating descent that avoids fall damage as well as having a greater range for their jumps
  • Immune to Thorns
  • Immune to Green Enemies
  • Vine Sweep - Very Long Range attack with slow execution
CyanCyan Neonplex
  • Cyan Leap - Allows the player to perform a very high Jump allowing them to reach ledges much higher than before
  • Immune to Ice
  • Immune to Cyan Enemies
  • Frost Block - Creates a Medium sized Ice Block which is kicked and slides along a flat or downward surface destroying most enemies in its path
BlueBlue Neonplex
  • Blue Jet - Allows the player to swim extremely quickly and jump out of the water higher than usual
  • Immune to Blackout Rays
  • Immune to Blue Enemies
  • Aqua Shield - While swimming the player can activate a temporary shield that protects them from aquatic enemies
PurplePurple Neonplex
  • Purple Teleport - Allows the player to swap places with a Purple Enemy even if there is a wall in the way
  • Immune to Acid
  • Immune to Purple Enemies
  • Gravity Well - Short Range attack that creates an area of intense gravity pulling everything except the player towards it
MagentaMagenta Neonplex
  • Magenta Flash - Causes time to stop temporarily with all enemies and obstacles stopping allowing the player to navigate particularly difficult sections
  • Immune to Psywaves
  • Immune to Pink Enemies
  • Psychic Push - Medium Range Attack that doesn't deal damage however pushes enemies away from the player, doesn't stop projectiles however
GreyGrey Neonplex
  • Black Void - Causes the player to temporarily slip into the black void of the land and move freely until forced out
  • White Summon - Summons the last enemy the player defeated and has it ally with them temporarily until it is defeated
  • Immune to Colourless Sand
  • Immune to Grey Enemies
Soul of the Data StreamSoul of the Data Stream Neonplex
  • Soul Absorb - Absorbs any Lesser Enemies in the nearby vicinity and converts them into an elemental attack that hits all enemies in its path, its power depends on the number of enemies absorbed
  • Heart of Life - Quickly restores the player's health when they dive into the Data Stream
  • Immune to Physical Attacks
  • Resistant to all Non-Rainbow Enemies