You know, Sonic, you've always been a thorn in my side. You shouldn't have interfered when you shouldn't have. But bygones be bygones, because you just gave me MAXIMUM POWER!!!
Neo Tabuu, The Smash Fighters Movie

Neo Tabuu
Full Name Neo Tabuu
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth  ???
Zodiac Sign None
Gender Male
Species God
Current Status TBA
Main Weapon(s) The Master Core
Ability/ies Warping, flying, creating tornados, swordfighting
Vulnerable To Powerful attacks to the body
First Appearance The Smash Fighters Movie
 Neo Tabuu is the final form of the regular Tabuu in the Smash Fighters Movie. After obtaining the Master Core, Tabuu now is "immortal", and becomes a hulking black mass of evil.


Neo Tabuu looks alot like the regular Tabuu, except he is now pitch black with the Master Core where his heart should be. His eyes are now crimson red, along with the inside of his mouth. His rainbow wings are now bigger and more appearant, and he has floating black versions of Master Hand and Crazy Hand as two extra hands.


In the Smash Fighters Movie, after killing off Crazy Hand once and for all, Tabuu learns the location of the Master Core, which is under the SSBB version of Battlefield. After having a war with all the Smashers, including Sonic, Greninja, Duck Hunt Dog (Jules), Stephen (Villager), and Dark Pit, the Core has finally broken free and is heading towards Tabuu. When Sonic kills off Mephiles, Greninja takes care of Tabuu. But when the Core reaches Tabuu, he gets back up and transforms, flying up into the storm he created. Sonic, becoming Super Sonic, takes off to finish off Tabuu.

After defeating Neo Tabuu, Sonic and his gang land on Tabuu's new version of Final Destination, where the Core awaits. The Core speaks in Tabuu's voice, saying that big things are coming, and a more powerful entity will arrive eventually. Suddenly, Master Hand is seen charging from the blackness of space, heading for Master Core. As fire gathers around Master Hand, burning him, he slams into the Core, making it shatter, killing Master Hand and returning the Smashers down to Earth.