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Developer(s) N Studios Icon
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Platform(s) Omnia
Release Date(s)
TBA 2013
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2.5D Platformer
Media Included Omnia Game Download
Neo Super Mario Land is a 2.5D Mario platformer made by N Studios for the Omnia. Instead of the tried-and-true Mario formula, this game shakes it up with RPG elements and a bigger story.


It's the night of the Neo Festival, a special time in the Mushroom Kingdom where the residents watch as special Lumas become brilliant Power Stars, and rise to protect the kingdom from evil. As new stars form in the skies above, a dark cloud crackling with lightning contrasts with the deep nighttime blue of the sky. As it draws closer to the ground, it drifts towards Peach's Castle, and reveals Bowser! (who knew)

Bowser swoops in and grabs Princess Peach from the castle balcony. As the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom scatter, he releases the dark star, Ztar, onto the land. Ztar spreads darkness and causes the new stars to fall from the sky, turning them to lifeless, hollow stone. Ztar and Bowser retreat, with the Princess in tow, to the Koopa Kingdom.

It's up to Mario to restore the Lumas back into Power Stars and rescue the Princess!

Before World 8

After Mario has completed the challenges of the first 7 worlds, he arrives at the lava-filled Koopa Kingdom. It is revealed here that Peach is needed to feed into Ztar's power so the Luma transformation can be reversed and end up creating more dark stars!


Bro Powers

See here for a full list.

Neo Super Mario Land features gameplay where you have to switch between playing as Mario and Luigi. However, there are times where the Bros. will have to put their power together to perform special moves. These are called Bro Powers. There are seven Bro Powers in the game, one for each world in the Mushroom Kingdom.

The Rush

After defeating Bowser, Ztar absorbs the Koopa King's power and wreaks havoc on the Mushroom Kingdom, carrying Peach with him, intent on letting her watch her kingdom fall before using her to become more powerful. Mario and Luigi must now work backwards, running through each level in reverse until 1-1, as suspensful remixes of the level themes play and places to save are scarce.


Playable . . . Player-controlled heroes!

Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom! As Ztar and Bowser stir trouble, Mario will race through the Mushroom Kingdom to fix their wrongdoings and bring evil to its end!
Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Often the sidekick, Luigi plays a bigger role this time around! Whether by co-op with a friend or switching characters on the fly in single-player, you'll need this plumber to traverse several levels throughout the game!

Helpers . . . Useful good-doers!

Toad Loyal servants to the princess, Toads live in houses dotted across the kingdom. They are so widely placed because they are the protectors of the Grand Stars for each region. Toads keep their houses stocked with power-ups!
Yoshi FS Ah, Yoshis, gotta love those little dinosaurs! Yoshis come in many colors, and sometimes they may even come with ice level-ready snowboards! Woah!
Goom What's this? A helpful Goomba? Well, yes! Traitor to the Koopa Kingdom, Goom is a traveling rebel. In each world, he'll give a Bro Power to the Mario Bros. He's happy to help thwart Bowser!

Captives . . . Gotta save 'em!

Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Fair Princess Peach has been captured once again! She must be saved before Bowser and Ztar extract the energy from her!
Image TBA Protectors of the kingdom, the eight Grand Lumas guard each region along with the Power Stars. Mario must rescue them from the evil Koopas to restore their power!

Bosses . . . Dastardly foes!




1 - 1: Peach's Castle
1 - 2: Toadburg Throughway
1 - 3: Inviting Rolling Greens
1 - Fort: Boom Boom's Fort of Close Calls
1 - 5: Path of Acorn Trees
1 - 6: Ancient Dried Fields
1 - Boss: Larry's Tower of Gusty Gales

World 2: Portabello Canyon . . . Image TBA

2 - 1: Across the Perilous Bridges
2 - 2: Night in Canyon Cave
2 - Fort: King Whomp's Fort of Groveling Gravel
2 - 3: Scaling the Wall of Whomp
2 - 4: Sandy Winds at the Plateau
2 - 5: Plight in the Desert Atop the Canyon
2 - 6: Remains of Fungus Once Here
2 - Boss: Roy's Airship of Rocking Rock

More TBA.


  • This is the first Mario game by N Studios. However, it is not the first to be announced. A game titled Super Mario Bluevolt was teased for the Bluevolt system when it first came out.

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