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Neo Super Mario Bros
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Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Release Date(s)

North America: 2011
Japan: 2011
Europe: 2011
Austrillia: 2011

Single player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platform
Media Included Wii Disk

Neo Super Mario Bros is a Platformer game to be released for the wii


Although the game is similar to previous titles, there have been a few changes to the game. Firstly, Wario is playable alongside the Mario Bros. Secondly, and more importantly, the Game uses a HP system. Some enemies now take multiple shots to defeat. While the lowly Goomba still dies in one stomp, Fireball, or Spin (or however you decide to dispose of them) Koopa Troopas have a HP of 2, with Hammer Brothers and Koopatrol going up to 8 and 7 respectivley. Boss HP goes as high as the 50s! (though most bosses have slightly tamer amounts)


The game starts one day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi are visiting the Princess. However, when they arrive at the castle, somone has ransacked the place. suspecting Bowser, the Mario Bros race to the princess' throne room, finding only a beaten up Toad and a note. Upon reading the note, the Mario bros realise that it was Wario, not the koopa King who had kidnapped Peach. However, in what was a ransom note, Wario had left his address. realising this castle was not far, the Mario Bros raced off.

However, After reaching Wario's Castle and defeating him, the Mario Bros could not find Peach. all they found was Iggy Koopa, loading the Princess AND Wario's Treasure onto is airship, preparing to leave for his castle. Having a personal stake in this, Wario joins the Mario Brothers on their quest, determined to save his treasure.

Playing The GameEdit

The Game itself plays just like a regular Mario game, where you jump, fireball, spin and even hammer your enemies (or just avoid them) as you make your way to the flag at the end of the course, trying not to die in the process. There are 3 Playable characters in the game, each with their own strengths and weaknesses:

Images Name Overview
Mario As usual, Mario returns as the jack of all trades of the game. however, he is the fastest character
Luigi being the best jumper, Luigi would need to have some kind of fatal flaw. this is that he cannot jump on some of the burlier enemies encountered (Such as Sledge Bros). He is also slower than his brother, and has the worst traction. His jumping ability compensates for this though.
Wario He's fat, ugly, slow and Can't jump as high as the Mario Bros, but he is good at one thing: Bashing Skulls in! although he needs to be unlocked (Defeat him in his castle), Wario is playable for most of the game, and posesses an elbow bash attack (can only be done by Super Wario or higher) that does double damage! (his jumps are the same as Mario's though-only a little shorter)

Note that when in base form, Players have equal abilities.


In the Game, there are a multitude of Power-Ups that can be used by Mario, Luigi and Wario.

Image Power-Up Description
Super Mushroom In addition to a Size increase, the Super Mushroom bestows an extra ability to the one who eats it (so long as they stay large): Wario gains his bash, Luigi jumps higher and gains a slight speed boost and Mario jumps a little higher (though not as high as luigi) and runs a little faster.
Fire Flower Bestows the user the ability to fire Fireballs. Mario can fire them in bursts of 3, luigi bursts of 2 and Wario is 1. Each Fire ball does 1 Damage.
Cape Bestows the user the ability to Float temporarily if they d oa suuessful run up, as well as the ability to Spin Jump.
Tanookie Bestows the user the ability to Turn to Stone temporarily and avoid any attacks (5 Seconds). The user also gains the ability to fly (though the Cape is superior in terms of aerial manuvering. Landing on an enemy in stone mode causes 5 Damage, though if the enemy is not defeated, the player will bounce off and instantly unptransform.
Penguin Suit Bestows the user the ability to Swim freeley underwater and shoot ice balls. Like the fire Flower, ice balls are shot in bursts depending on character. The Ice balls do no damage, but can freeze enemies.
Hammer Bro Suit Bestows the user the ability to throw hammers akin to a hammer bro. Again, the number of hammers throwable in 1 burst depends on the character used. Each hammer has a Damage of 2. Also, the user can Crouch and avoid Damage from enemy projectiles (not from underneath)
Starman The Starman turns the player invincible for 15 seconds. During this phase, any enemy the player touches dies instantly.
Legendary Fire Flower The legendary fire Flower is a rare item available only in one place. It works like a normal Fire Flower except it bestows the player with 6 hit points. when all are depleted, the Player shrinks to base form. eating a Mushroom replenishes 2 HP, and each Fire Ball does 1 Damage.


In the game, there are a total of 10 Worlds. 8 regular, the Star road and an extra world for expert players. In each regular world, there contains a Fortress, Castle and Airship. each of these levels has a boss, as shown in the table below.

World Fortress Boss Castle Boss Airship Boss
1-Mushroom kingdom Birdo Wario Iggy
2-Dry Dry Desert Boom Boom Bob-Omb King Morton
World 3-Mushroom Coastline Para-Boom Gooper Blooper Lemmy
World 4-Haunted Swamp Reznor Bogmire Ludwig
World 5- Pipe Maze Red Birdo Lava Pirahna Roy
World 6- Bowser Hill Green Birdo King Boo Wendy
World 7- Frozen Peak Swiss Army knife Bro Crystal King Larry
World 8- Darkland Kamek Wart (castle One) Bowser (Castle 2) Bowser Jr
Star Road N/A Exor N/A
Secret World Kingfin Super Dry Bowser N/A


In this game, enemies have HP (Hit Points). Also, enemies with a Asterisk (*) are enemies that Luigi cannot defeat with his jump. Enemies marked with (NEW) are New to this game.

Name Hit Points
Goomba 1
Koopa Troopa 2

Bosses also have HP, which is listed in a seperate table

Name Hit Points
Birdo (Pink) 3
Boom Boom 4
Para Boom 5
Reznor 3 (X4)
Birdo (Red) 6
Green Birdo 7
Swiss Army Knife Bro 10
Kamek 10


After defeating Wart at the Castle, The Mario Brothers (and Wario, collectivley refered to at "The Bros" from here on out) assume they have won, and Assume that Wart was controlling the Koopa troop. This is proved false, however, when The Bros realise the Princess (and Wario's treasure) are missing. Suddenly, an airship appears outside the castle. The Bros hop on to investigate. After confronting Bowser Jr in the cockpit, the Airship crashes, taking the Bros to an area of Darkland they had never ventured into before. Still, amist the Lava, elite Koopas and airship wreakage, they could make out one thing: A large Castle, topped by a familiar shell with the Door resembling an ugly, yet familiar face. The Bros venture inside, knowing the Princess must be in there.

At the end of the Castle, the Bros come across Bowser, with the princess locked up. the Princess throws a "Legendary fire Flower" to the Player (before being taken away) to do battle with Bowser. after a skirmish, the Koopa King falls. Falls into lava. The Bros then enter the vault, only to find it empty. Before they can figure out what is going on, however, Dry Bowser attacks them. After an intense battle, the Bros find a chain to the top of the Castle, certain the Princess must be there. Sadly, they are met again by Dry bowser, this time in the Koopa Clown Car. The battle then plays out like in Super Mario World, only this time, Dry Bowser throws bob-ombs.

After that battle, the Princess is safe, Bowser is defeated and Wario finds his treasure, ferrying that, Mario, Luigi and the Princess back to the Mushroom Kingdom in his newly aquired Airship. when they arrive at the Castle, the Mario Bros bid wario farewell and enter the castle with Peach, and the credits roll.

After the Credits, a letter appears on the Screen adressed to the Mario Bros from Wario Inviting them to try and discover the Special world.