Neo Geo Battle Circuit II
Developer SNK
Publisher SNK
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s) Arcade

JP: July 25, 1995
Neo Geo
JP: September 1, 1995
Neo-Geo CD
JP: September 29, 1995
Namco Nova
JP: January 26, 1996
NA: September 1996
EU: 1996
Sega Saturn
JP: March 28, 1996
NA: August 31, 1996
EU: October 10, 1996
Game Boy
JP: April 26, 1996
NA: September 1996
EU: 1996
Super Famicom CD/SNCD
JP: June 28, 1996
NA: August 31, 1996
EU: October 1996

Platform(s) Arcade
Neo Geo
Neo Geo CD
Namco Nova
Sega Saturn
Super Famicom CD/SNCD
Game Boy

Neo Geo Battle Circuit II is the second game in Neo Geo Battle Circuit series, and was released in 1995 for the SNK Neo Geo systems (MVS, AES and CD). It was ported to the Super Nintendo CD, Namco Nova and Sega Saturn in 1996 by Takara. A Game Boy game based on Neo Geo Battle Circuit II was also released. A possible bootleg Famicom release, mistakenly titled "Neo Geo Battle Circuit 4", was also made. with the exception of Jeff Bogard, every playable character from the original are included, in addition to Samurai Shodown II's Genjuro Kibagami, Fatal Fury's Billy Kane, Art of Fighting 2's Eiji Kisaragi and Takuma Sakazaki. The Game Boy version introduces Fatal Fury 2's Mai Shiranui as a secret character.


The gameplay of Neo Geo Battle Circuit II was left largely intact from Neo Geo Battle Circuit. The one major change SNK was to allow players to select any combination of characters to fight with, as opposed to the concrete teams that players were confined to in the previous game. In addition, all eight teams from the first game returnedand Dené Fortiero reprises his role as the main boss as Omega Fortiero. SNK Rivals, composed of Genjuro Kibagami (Haohmaru's rival), Eiji Kisaragi (Ryo Sakazaki's rival) and Billy Kane (Terry Bogard's rival), were added to the roster. The game also features Takuma Sakazaki, Ryo's father and Robert's mentor, as the sub-boss (replacing Jeff Bogard.)


Fatal Fury

  • Terry Bogard
  • Andy Bogard
  • Joe Higashi

Art of Fighting

  • Ryo Sakazaki
  • Robert Garcia
  • King

Samurai Shodown

  • Haohmaru
  • Nakoruru
  • Galford D. Weller

World Heroes

  • Hattori Hanzou
  • Kotaro Fuuma
  • Janne De Arc

Ikari Warriors

  • Ralf Jones
  • Clark Still
  • Melora Lewis

Beast Busters

  • Johnny Justice
  • Paul Patriot
  • Sammy Stately

King of the Monsters

  • Geon
  • Woo
  • Astro Guy

SNK Heroes

  • Princess Athena
  • Prince Simea
  • Lord Elta

SNK Rivals

  • Genjuro Kibagami
  • Eiji Kisaragi
  • Billy Kane

Sub Boss

  • Takuma Sakazaki

Final Boss

  • Omega Fortiero

Gameboy Exclusive

  • Mai Shiranui

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