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Neo Fantendoverse is an alternate Fantendo universe, headed by .vectorDestiny (tbc) and DoodleFox (tbc). The project's intention is to create an universe that is not too complicated, but not too simple, to make it easy to understand the story and the events of the verse and accessible to new writers.

The project was created in September 18, 2016.


The Neo Fantendoverse is the result of the destruction of the Old Fantendoverse. Although the events that happened are unknown, only the Unten from the previous universe survived the incident. Once lauded as a legendary hero, Unten sees himself unknown in the eyes of the Neo Fantendians, and discovers that Netnu is the legendary hero of this new universe. Without his once great reputation, Unten seeks a new life in this new universe's Zeon, a planet with advanced technology. As his careers fails one after the other, he starts a scamming business with his old business partner Gasparo.

The planet of Zeon is known for it's capital, the city of Nukingdom. The Baraenion District is where Unten's current business is located alongside Netnu's residence, with Garth's Bar being a popular location thanks to their famous dancer Hama and the singer Corshama. The Doomullian Army's center is located in Nukingdom, whose leader, Doomulus Grime, is an incompentent army leader and the actual army decisions are made by his second in commander, Doomulus Slice. Out of the pilots of the Doomullian Army, the pilot Fera is the most recoginizable and well known of the bunch, thanks for her unique personality.


The Herse Galaxy so far is composed of five planets, Zeon, the most technological advanced where many diverse creatures live in, Sian, formed out of outrage from ex-Zeonians who decided to populate their own planet, Heth, a planet that used to be populated by humans but after a nuclear disaster, they were wiped out and nowadays it is populated by mutated food that gained conscience and became animalistic taking over the planet, Fahr, populated by intelligent dragons, capable of thought and speech, where humans are treated as animals and Kami, known as the Shadow Lands where the souls of the damned disturb the life of the humans whom live there.



Baraenion District

Garth's Bar

Doomullian Army




Projects are divided into two types: Major, including all crossovers between the minor projects and Minor, which are focused on a single cast of characters and not the entirety of the Neo Fantendoverse. They are also divided in story arcs.




The Neo Fantendoverse pantheon is composed of one greater god, Jupiter and six great gods whom are children of Jupiter, Kale, the god of Space, Themisto, the god of Time, Arche, the god of anti-matter, Thyone, the overseer and Helike, the butler of Jupiter who meets the souls in the afterlife.


  • The names of the locations in Zeon are named after locations in the original Fissure.

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