Flag of Neo Darkloria.

Neo Darkloria is a mysterious country located just north of Faerania, on the continent of Sytiria. It is known to be a manufacturer of robots and cybernetics. It is said to get most natural recourses from trading and the citizens worship a deity known as Mika, the Osirisian goddess of fire. 


the Neo Darklorian government has many military academies, and the best soldiers are sent to a lab to get cybernetic enhancements before being ready to go out on patrols and kick some ass. Usually, the Neo Darklorian soldiers have to deal with rogue robots that have resisted their programming and gone bonkers or criminals who have somehow been able to steal cybernetic technology and become cyborgs themselves. 





Despite being on opposite sides in Isis War 1, Neo Darkloria and Soupistan usually try to help each other out during other battles or minor outbreaks. The Darklorian government usually sends out armed jets to help Soupistan against their zombie outbreaks, even though Soupistan is usually well defended on it's own. 


The two countries trade often, and some cyborg soldiers from the Neo Darklorian military have migrated from the army after retiring, and most ended up helping the military of Finaco. 





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