Neo DC (name subject to change) is a dungeon crawler in the Neo Koopa series, developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the second Series Swap Day. It is relatively simple in comparison to many other dungeon crawlers, opting to have stats in the tens rather than the hunderds. All of the items in-game make use of randomization.


Character Customization



Your character's alignment determines which of your skills receive bonuses and penalties. A neutral alignment means that you do not have the penalties to certain skills, but you do not have the bonuses to the others either. By default, Koopa's and Toad's are Lawful and Shy Guy's and Yoshi's are Chaotic.

  • Neutral
  • Lawful
  • Chaotic

Primary Class

Your primary class determines which skills are available to you, and also affects the appearance of your character.

Secondary Classes

Each character can have two sub-classes, which determine your starting stats and determine a small number of skills availability (much less than the primary class, though).



  • Cyan Mushrooms: Restores HP either instantly, or gradually taking from 1–5 seconds.
    • Small: Restores within 8-12 HP.
    • Normal: Restores 20-30 HP
    • Large: Restores 40-60 HP
    • Giant: Restores 85-100 HP




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