Neo: Loadout is an FPS for the PS3 and Wii being made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc). In the game, you control Neo through his eyes and defeat your enemies with unique weapons.




As mentioned before, Neo has a loadout of weapons that he can pick from and then go out into the battlefield, defeating enemies with them. It is similar to Black Ops, but the weapons are much different. During multiplayer mode, the players control several different Neo's, all different colors.


Ninja Launcher

A semi-auto, purple gun that fires shurikens at enemies. The shuriken hits the target as soon as the gun is fired.

Country Hazard

A rapid-fire weapon that fires small pieces of hay. Every so often, a needle will also shoot from it. The barrel of the weapon looks like a farmhouse.


Fires a steady beam of crystal, freezing the enemy, making an easy target for your teammates. Is light blue colored.

Psycho Gun

When 10 bullets are fired, you will view the screen from the front of the first bullet, and time will pass more slowly and you get to navigate the bullets around the map and obstacles until you find an enemy who, if hit, will get defeated.


Generates a force field from behind, so you can't be hit. Fires cyan blasts of energy.

Sonic Gun

Fires a sonic wave, launching enemies into the air who, if thrown high enough, will die from that height. By aiming at the ground, you can get launched into the air too.

Neo Pump

Neo grasps his mouth onto one end while aiming the other end at the enemy. Neo will then breathe into it, shooting purple fire at enemies.

Rest TBA...



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