Neo: Dawn is an open-world adventure game for the PS3 being made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc). It is part of the Neo Koopa Series. It follows Neo Koopa as he goes through Fireball City and stops a great evil. It is rated T for Language, Violence, Blood, and Suggestive Themes.


It all happened too fast.

One minute, Fireball City was peaceful and quiet. The next minute, it was being pelted by meteors. The city would've very likely been lost, all the people as well, if that large, green meteor hadn't landed on top of Neo Koopa. Being a hero of the city, the people were at first devastated. Hours ago, he was unconscious, but he woke up again. To see the city so devastated, it was terrible. One of Neo's friends, Brandon, had survived the apocalypse. He was looking for survivors. He spotted Neo and swooped down to get him out of the now-ruined city. He had been brought back their hideout, which had miraculously been only minorly damaged. Within hours, Neo had felt fully recovered. But when he went to reach for a drink, a long strand of purple fire flew from his hand. He was astounded.

It kept happening, scary as hell, at first. It just kept happening whenever he moved his hand. But its been long now, and he's learning to control it. Austin came in. He reported that some of the meteors became stuck in the ground, and aliens were coming out of them. With Neo's new powers. He was more than ready to confront them!

Gameplay & Controls

Throughout the game, you control Neo as he goes through the city, defeating the aliens and becoming stronger. The meteor he was struck by gave him amazing abilities, and you use these powers to defeat the aliens.

Rest TBA...







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