Full Name Nelson the Chocobo
Current Age  ?
Gender Male
Location Fan City
Current Status Alive
Class Indi555's pet
Family and Relations
Indi555 (owner)
Latest Appearance Fantendo Chronicles: Episode 1

Nelson, also known as Nelson the Chocobo, is Indi555's pet Chocobo. He can carry Indi555 around. He originally comes from Spira.


Nelson is very friendly, and also quite intelligent. He is very nice to those who he senses have a good heart, but can be very aggressive when confronted with someone of evil intent.


Nelson is very fast, and can carry an individual. He is not capable of flight, though he can glide for short periods. He can use his beak to attack enemies.


Early History

Nelson originally comes from the world of Spira. Prior to Operation Mi'ihen, Nelson was one of the chocobos owned by the Crusaders. He was also the one rented by Tidus. During the operation, Nelson was separated from the rest of the Crusaders. He got lost in the mountains, and he stumbled upon a cave. At the back of the cave was a portal to Fantendo, and he fell through. He was found adopted by Indi555, and the two formed a strong bond of friendship.

A Brand New World

Toon Nelson

Nelson's appearence in Nelson's Dungeon.

Nelson appears as the main character in Nelson's Dungeon, an RPG for the Nintendo DS. At the beginning of the game, he wakes up to find himself in a field, not knowing where he is. He then explores the field, coming to a small farming town called Bellen. Here, he discovers that he is in the world of Ilania, which is being oppressed by the evil Black Mage, Arlen.

Adorable Fighter

Nelson appears as a playable fighter in Fantendo Smash Bros. DS. He keeps his appearence from the Nelson series.