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We can deal with you like toys, because we're UNSTOPPABLE!!!
The Negatrix Trio, facing The Rapa-Nui Friends.

The Negatrix Trio
Negatrix - Sigma Logo
Logo of the Negatrix Trio.
Leader(s) Fist Dracon
Align Good
Kind of Group Heroes
(Notable) Members
Fist Dracon
Kick Crane
Shaman Monkey
Founded at/in their discovery.
First Appearance Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends: Legacy of the Dragons
Latest Appearance Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends: Fullmetal Warfare
Save people, avoid accidents, stop criminals and villains, serve the Genhanten restaurant, help The Energix Trio
Friendly Alliates, Hong-Kong, Super Heroes
Rival Group(s)
Rapa-Nui Friends Logo
Negative Trio, Robotic Hong-Kong Trio

The Negatrix Trio is a group consisting of three Reploids that reside in Hong-Kong in Asia, it's only formed by Fist Dracon, Kick Crane and Shaman Monkey, and it's part of the Friendly Alliates. Althrough the team they belong are allies of The Rapa-Nui Friends, they are the rivals of the leaders. They are often supported by The Energix Trio, their counterparts.


Fist Dracon

Fist Dracon is Yun's best sidekick friend. He perfers to punch instead of kicking.

Kick Crane

Kick Crane is Yang's best sidekick friend. He perfers to kick instead of punching.

Shaman Monkey

Shaman Monkey is Yasuhiro's best sidekick friend. He perfers to attack psychically instead of punching or kicking because he thinks is more balanced.

Nobothing Hamster (Unnoficial Member)

Nobothing Hamster is an unnoficial member of the trio. Being the navigator of them in missions.

Huntbuster Guinea (Unnoficial Member)

Huntbuster Guinea is an unnoficial member of the trio. Being the supply of them in missions.


  • The team name together with The Energix Trio are a playword of Negative Energy.

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