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Negative Charge is an umbrella video game developed by Lone Planet Productions and Simple Studios, to be released in early 2017 for The V², Pacifico, and Zeta Nebula.


Martin Garrix & Tiësto - "The Only Way Is Up"

Step In

The player sees Rhett & Link staring at their TV screen. They know that something's going on within that screen, as they watch the chaos spread. In patricular, they can see various heroes from other dimensions entering San Francisco.

Step Forth

Jenny Wakeman punches a few enemy robots as Ika Musume strangles a mutant frog. Morrigan soars over and punches Ika, forcing her into a building, where Ant-Man shrinks and whacks her away. El Tigre slashes him, allowing BB-8 to zap both Ant-Man and Ika. Then, all six hear a rumbling noise...

Step Up

Flowey, in his Photoshop form, attacks the city, leaving Jenny and co. to battle him. They seem hopeless until Rhett & Link show up with their Will-It Blasters. They gun Flowey down, and the heroes go their separate ways... for now.

Because like we said, there's something up with Rhett & Link's screen... as well as the various dimensions of the Negaverse.


Stand Down

The player sees a SWAT Team walking by an armoured van. It then cuts to inside the van where we see a large cryo gun contained within a glass case and more SWAT guys. Suddenly Reaper teleports in front of the gun and shoots out the light in the car. We hear gun fire and the SWAT guys dying. Reaper then teleports out with the cryo gun in hand. Soldier 76 Is seen giving chase and firing at reaper.

Playable Characters


Character Description
My life as a Teenage Robot XJ9

Jenny Wakeman
My Life as a Teenage Robot
A crime-fighting robot with a desire to live a normal life. She uses her technology and can summon her "siblings" to fight.

Ika Musume
Squid Girl
She seeks to enslave the human race for what they have done to her home -- the ocean. Ika only joins Jenny because she wants to use her to get what she wants. She uses her tentacular hair to strangle and attack opponents.

Her father split his power amongst three individuals, one of which being Morrigan herself. She can put an opponent to sleep and steal their dreams, the energy of which she needs to survive. Morrigan can fly as well.
El Tigre

El Tigre
El Tigre
Manny Rivera goes undercover as El Tigre to fight crime in Miracle City. He mainly uses his extremely sharp claws to battle.
Powerpuff Trio 2015

Powerpuff Girls
Powerpuff Girls
These girls were created with sugar, spice, and everything nice... plus a sample of Chemical X. They can generate laser beams with their eyes, fly around, and create holographic weapons.


Soldier: 76

John Morrison was once an overwatch agent but after the organization was corrupted he ended up dead...but not really. He had actually become soldier: 76,vigilante and killing machine.

He mainly uses his pulse rifle and helix rockets to fight,he can also drop biotic fields to heal him and teammates.



Rocket Knight

He was chosen to become the Rocket Knight to save his world from... rather piggish invaders. Sparkster uses his sword and boomerangs to attack, and can charge his jetpack to make himself bounce off of walls into enemies. He can use his tail to hang off of branches and semi-solid platforms.

Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link

Good mythical morning... from the developers. Rhett and Link have specialized blasters that can make a shoe, pancake, pizza, or gelatin desert out of an opponent for a brief span of time. Also, their Wheel of Mythicality can be used for a random effect each time.
RJ the raccoon burned

Over the Hedge
RJ is normally sneaky and deceitful, but has evolved into a kind animal with a charming personality. He also resembles a Tanooki. Only resembles. No, he is not a Tanooki.

He can swing his golf club at other players, and unleash a rather cheesy explosion with a nacho chip bag.

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