Full Name Negario
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Starship Mario
Class Night Guard
Chaotic Neutral Hero
Mario Bros
Family and Relations
Ztar Family(adoptive parents)
Main Weapon(s) Hammer, S.P.U.D. (Sludge Pulsing Ultimate Device) and the Ztar Spin
First Appearance Mario Kart: Nitro Boost (2014)
Latest Appearance Super Joke Bros. (2015)
Power, Money, Food, they all add up to tacos
Negario's Lament On Life

Negario is a negative version of Mario. He first appears in Mario Kart: Nitro Boost as a way to show previous records. He is apparently one of Mario's multiple brothers that walked away onto a rocket and drifted into space, then being crashed into a planet full of ztars. He was then raised by them into being a force of negative power. Even though we was raised that way, he is less evil and more of a jerk. He randomly lives in the nose of Starship Mario. He will someday marry Prancis Peeps.

Game History

Mario Kart: Nitro Boost

Negario's only appearance so far is in Mario Kart: Nitro Boost. He only serves as both a palette swap for Mario and a way to encourage players of the game into getting new times.


  • Able to generate multiple cyclops bats with skulls for eyes.
  • Able to rip off his face to reveal complete nothingness.
  • Able to shoot skull with purple flames out of his eyes.
  • Jumps somewhat lower than Mario.
  • Walks slower than Wario.

Side Effects of touching him for 1 hour:

  • Fingernails begin to grow fastly.
  • Temperature becomes -50c.
  • Everything you see looks like it's on fire.
  • Urge to lick everything that is shaped like a taco.
  • Causes food to look like trash.


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