Nega Knight is a boss introduced in Super Sam Squad 2: Mas Crisis. He is less royal than his original counterpart, Meta Knight, but he can be as dangerous as Meta Knight himself. He is even second-in-command. Originally to protect the Mushroom Kingdom, Clarx stole him and set him into Full-Freedom Mode.


He is less royal than the real Meta Knight, but also less serious than him. He is also rough and never wanted to betray anyone but those who he don't trust.


Super Sam Squad 2: Mas Crisis

It is his introduction. His boss patterns are almost matched compared of Meta Knight, but he also summon Clone Creatures and can even throw lances. He need three hits before he was defeated. He cannot be stomped easily because he tend to slash when the player approach. He, however, can be stomped without problum when he uses Tornado Mech, as he become confused.

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