Current Age 32
Date of Birth October 29
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Dual-bladed Sword
Height 5'03"
Needles is a minor character within the Zaxinian Lifts, residing on the planet of Woodinn. She is a police officer that works to guard some ancient ruins relating to the "Zaxinian Scarecrow" species, wearing an armored suit lined heavily with needles (hence the name) for both offensive and defensive purposes in battle. While gruff in behavior and never really easy-going, she does make the best attempts possible to prevent any stealing of ancient objects from within these ruins. She was largely forgotten about due to her life in the rarely-explored Woodinn wilderness and her reluctance to appear in the general public for ages, but is known and feared by villagers nearby that tell of a "wild armed beast" hanging out in the woods.




Needles is known for being surly, grouchy and strict, never really letting people go beyond her level of vision unless they're heading away from her ruins. She takes her job very seriously and will take things to extremes if it means defending her job and what lies within the ruins. Needles, so far, is the only person alive to know what's in the ruins: those that get to know don't last for long before Needles beats the life out of them. If people try to challenge her opinions or her position, she can get abrasive and hold her mace at the ready with the thought of destroying them shall they take one more step forward. People that joke with her or try to prank her just really get on her nerves, to the point where she'll try to find any excuse in the book to arrest them.

In spite of her efforts to look as serious and mature as possible, Needles tends to be a rather clumsy person. Even though she means every word she says, her armor is too over-the-top and tends to make her fall over quite often. She is easy to embarrass or fluster, but she can get violent if things end up going off the deep end, to the point where she will even chase offenders with a pair of maces. While she does little to be open about her feelings, she's constantly under stress because she can never relax at home due to her need to keep the ruins guarded and the only thing she can do about prisoners is kill them because of a lack of jailhouses around, which makes her feel real guilty at times.


With the heavily spiked, yet flexible armor on her suit, Needles can roll around with ease as if she was a tire of sorts. With Needles' fine gymnastic moves, she can rush forward and shred into human skin with ease. She can also stick her spikes to (most) walls and climb them with relative ease. Needles is good at rolling up slopes; if you put her in a cage shaped like a large sphere, she can roll all around the walls without having any of her energy strained. Because of the needles on her suit being quite sharp to the touch, yet short in nature, she can easily puncture skin and scrape her foes without wasting any time. With her generally great athletic reflexes, even within her heavy armor, she can easily dodge and evade enemy attacks, shoving her spiked gauntlets into the faces of foes that dare try and win over her.

As someone who used to want to be a hair styler, she's also really good at styling up her body and armor.



  • Needles is built off of an old prototype character that shared many similarities to Sonic the Hedgehog. In the midst of revamping, many of Sonic's resemblances were removed.

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