Needles by Drebbles
Current Age 21
Date of Birth October 29
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Dual-bladed Sword
Height 5'03"
First Appearance Eau Search

Needles is a minor protagonist in Eau Search, a subplot of General's Journey. Her cousin from the town of Naxaz, she often helps her search for more information about her family. She is a multiple-roles-in-one character, from being a hair model to being a secret assassin, working under Valerie.



Eau Search

Needles helps out her cousin Oshelia in her search to find out more about the Eau family. Along the way, she helps break apart obstacles and helping Oshelia overcome her troubles and fears.  Because of this, the two become great friends.

Project Needles


Needles can extend the furs on her body to form long spikes, and can use these to damage foes from afar. The furs on her feet and hands allow her to scale walls. She can roll up into a spike ball and go forward to tear into enemies, but she can't do much besides this.  She can also style hair and body shape very well.

Needles goes through a special event at night which allows her nails to sharpen up and elongate massively.  She can slash with bitter fury and roll at high paces.  She has no control over her personality by night, however, so it is best to not approach her by then.


Needles is very kind and sensible, although a little flirty. She is very intelligent and can go around her problems with ease, although cannot survive time at night and needs lots of assistance from others as she goes insane by then.

Relationships with Other Characters


Oshelia and Needles get along really well, especially due to their commons in manners and cleaning.  As cousins, it's quite expected they would get along pretty well.  Needles is fairly jealous of Oshelia's hairstyle though, but this doesn't affect their friendship at all.



  • Needles is built off of an old prototype character that shared many similarities to Sonic the Hedgehog.  In the midst of revamping, many of Sonic's resemblances were removed.