Needlepoint, the pointy threat
Full Name "Needlepoint"
Current Age 20
Date of Birth September 1st, 1996
Gender Female
Species Human
Align W.R.A.I.T.H
Current Status Alive
Class "Terrorist"
Family and Relations
"Red Wraith" (follows commands)

"Ethereal" (friend)
"Kelly Knives" (friend)
Bobby Benderson (friend)
"Deathblow" (friend)
"Hoops" (friend)
"RIP" (best friend)

The taste of metal, Leah Needlenam, bondage
F.A.N.T, Government, Big Rip
Ability/ies Medical Knowledge

Firearms Training

Vulnerable To Forgets things
Height 5,10
Weight 145 pounds
Needlenose, Vanessa Stallart
First Appearance  ???
Latest Appearance  ???

"Needlepoint" (born Yoo Mi) is a W.R.A.I.T.H member and is classified as a terrorist by F.A.N.T and the United States Government. She is a Korean-born woman who came to America as a legal immigrant, with her primary motivation to find her idol Leah Needlenam. She doesn't even remember how she became part of W.R.A.I.T.H nor really cares.


Needlepoint has pale skin and short blue hair with a purple streak in the center of her bangs. She has blue eyeliner and yellow eyes. She has a snaggletooth grin and wears a black rabbit ear hoodie. The hoodie zips upward as opposed to downwards and most of the hoodie has been unzipped, exposing her stomach. A metal harness of sorts, with a steel connector covers her chest. She wears baggy short pants with a chain looping over it. She wears oversized purple knee socks and black shoes.


Needlepoint is an overtly chill character with no worries for the most part. She tends to forget things. She considers a highly advanced thinker, with her own theories for math and science that are usually completely wrong and nonsensical. When attempting to explain her actions they can sometimes come off as incomprehensible and baffling. Other times, she can come off as perfectly coherent.

Needlepoint enjoys hitting things with her nail bat, and listens to 8-bit remixes of music. She doesn’t particularly have an interest in W.R.A.I.T.H but it’s the only group she feels any attachment to.


Needlepoint doesn’t remember her backstory at all, but does remember being a Leah Needlenam fan. Nobody knows how Needlepoint got into W.R.A.I.T.H either, although the theory is that she just showed up in one of their bases and acted like she belonged.

Powers and Abilities





Leah Needlenam

Somewhat of a one-sided relationship, Needlepoint is a huge fan of Leah Needlenam although she has no romantic attraction to her. She buys her merch and wants to meet her someday.

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  • Her birth name, parents, and place of origin is unknown.