Needle in Riddle's Epic Adventure!
Full Name Needle
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Doodie
Location Star Heights (earlier Planet Omega where Queen Serpentuosa rules it.)
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations





Calm, peace, silence, politecy, playing Xun (a sort Chinese ocarina)
Be high temperated, angry, gruff people, disharmony
Main Weapon(s) Needle Tail
Ability/ies Boomerang Slash

Sword Slash


Speed Attack

Height Medium-small
Weight Medium


Voice Actor(s)
Spencer Cannon
Eye color Unknown but visually red
Hair color Black
First Appearance Riddle's Epic Adventure!
Latest Appearance Munchy Monsters - 100 Person Mania (cameo)
Series RiddleNewLogo2016

Needle is a mysterious and ninja-like character from the Riddle (series) and appears as a playable character in Riddle's Epic Adventure! and Riddle's Puzzle Tracker. He appears first as a rival, causing to battle but later he befriend him.

Before Needle found Riddle, he worked for Queen Serpentusa, the antagonist giving orders to devastate and rule the whole Planet Alpha, alongside with her minions. After that, lately, some weeks later, only Riddle knows that Needle was his lost brother due to a lost old photo found in Fruit Tech-Factory and then they became friends.


Needle looks dangerous but if you see his inner personality, he's calm, edgy and reserved. Sometimes he can be very angry at dangerous at perilous situations. He's the wisest person of the group. Needle has most a good relationship with Riddle as a brother and promises that if somethings get wrong with Riddle, he always stays at his side to protect him. He also plays a Xun, a Chinese ocarina, at silent, calm moments when alone.

Physical Appearance

Needle is purple with plaster on is face except on his left eye. Normally he doesn't have a red eye, but we don't know. He has a strange old dark plum cape used along many years and it was never replaced by an another. He also has spikey hair and a sharp tail.

In his latest design in Riddle Block Buster, on Needle's face, it has a scar barely hidden near his plaster.


Needle uses his tail as a cutter weapon to slash enemies. He also throws that as a boomerang or a shuriken. Needle also can be invisible for awhile with his cape and that can relfect projectiles. Unlike Riddle, he cannot use the Gem Stone Powers. 


Major appearances

Riddle's Epic Adventure!

Needle appears as a rival in this game but then he joined Riddle and his friends, Gush and Heart. He first worked for Queen Serpentuosa as a General Military of her army.

Riddle's Puzzle Tracker

Needle appears as an unlockable playable character and a rival in this game.

Riddle Block Buster

Needle appears as an startable playable character in this game.


Munchy Monsters - 100 Person Mania

Needle appears as a cameo character at the stage Nightlight Town, where he watches stars falling in the sky, alongside with Riddle, Gush and Heart.

Fantendo Smash Bros. X

Needle makes his first appearance as a playable character in the Fantendo Smash Bros. series, alongside with Riddle, making the fiifth appearance.



  • His physical appearance ressembles a lot like Meta Knight.
  • Even if his emotions are changing, Needle's red eye doesn't react to it when angry or upset; it stays always open.