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Needle in Riddle's Epic Adventure!
Full Name Needle
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Doodie
Location Star Heights
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Needle tail
Element(s) Dark and Light
Ability/ies Boomerang Slash, Sword Slash, Desapearing, Speed Attack
First Appearance Riddle's Epic Adventure!
Family and Relations
Needle is a mysterious and ninja-like character from the Riddle (series) and appears as a playable character in Riddle's Epic Adventure! and Riddle's Puzzle Tracker. He appears first as a rival but later he befriend him. Before Needle found Riddle, he worked for Foezard for unknown reasons. After that, lately, some weeks later, only Riddle knows that Needle was his lost brother due to a lost old foto in Foezard's Tech-Factory.


Needle looks dangerous but if you see inner of him, he's calm, non-stressful and reserved. Sometimes he can be very angry for dangerous and irritating situations. Needle has most a relationship with Riddle as a brother and a neutral friend.

Physical Appearance

Needle is purple with much plaster cast on is face except on his left eye. Normally he doesn't have a red eye, but we don't know. He has a strange old violet cape. He also has spikey hair and a sharp tail. 


Needle uses his tail as a cutter weapon to slash enemies. He also throws that as a boomerang or a shuriken. Needle also can be invisible for awhile with his cape and that can relfect projectiles. Unlike Riddle, he cannot use the Gem Stone Powers. 



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