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Necro is a new copy ability in Kirby:Cozmic Adventure. Only obtainable by inhaling a Skully, this ability revolves around controlling several exploding specters.


Kirby's outfit in this form looks similar to Iron from the anime. He gains a purple bodysuit with three black lines below the eyes, representing a skull. The bodysuit has a horned gray skull above it and a staff with three prongs and a shadowy orb on it.


The moveset for Necro is rather odd.

Necro's Moveset
Specter Y Kirby throws a specter. Only works on nearby ones.
Undersummon down+Y A specter is summoned.
Pit of Despair Y near specter The ghost is absorbed into Kirby's staff.
Ghost Horde Y while holding specter Kirby fires the absorbed specter at an enemy, exploding it.
Soul Drain Y near enemy Kirby absorbs the enemy, turning it to a specter.
All Will Fall hold/release Y All of the ghosts explode simultaniously.
Nightfall jump+Y Kirby throws ghosts that home on enemies.
Hunter Ghost D-pad+Y Sends two ghosts in selected direction.
Underportal passive Kirby paasivly spawns specters. Requires Copy Scroll.

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