Nebulaic Energy is a type of energy found in the Pyroverse. It is a form of energy akin to kinetic, potential, and thermal energy, and is utilized by many civilizations across the Pyroverse in a variety of forms.


Nebulaic energy is a form of energy that occurs at the core of stars and planets. it is similar to thermal energy in source and properties, but is far more condensed and energy-rich, making nebulaic energy far more efficient than most other types of energy.

Nebulaic energy can be collected one of two ways; simple radiation from the planet or star, or direct harvesting. Harvesting nebulaic energy is an extremely dangerous task, but is more likely to reap large amounts of pure energy, not affected by other forms of energy to become less energy-dense.


  • Extreme energy density- Nebulaic energy is found highly concentrated due to its location, and as such, is extremely efficient when converted into other forms of electricity. Efficiency decreases when the energy is collected via radiation, as it may be partially converted to other forms of energy.
  • Interdimensional travel- Due to its extreme energy density, nebulaic energy is the easiest form of interdimensional travel in the Pyroverse; much more energy is required with power sources such as electrical or solar energy, but it is not impossible.
  • Refined nebulaic energy- A refining process for nebulaic energy was developed by the former Eternity Kingdom. This process enabled their civilization to create an extremely energy-dense substance, capable of granting extreme power to those wielding it. These objects are now known as Eternity Artifacts. The refining process has since been lost to time.



Pyroverse: ORIGIN


  • The Void is the only known place in the Pyroverse where nebulaic energy acts differently; due to the nature of the pseudo-dimension, it is not found concentrated in the cores of stars and planets, instead simply floating around in a liquid-esque form.


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