Full Name Nava
Current Age 17
Gender Female
Location Earth
Current Status Alive
Class Time Traveler
Main Weapon(s) Guns
Ability/ies Time travel
First Appearance Twenty-Second Choice: Hostility
Latest Appearance Tainted Dreams

Nava is a character created by JesseRoo (tbc) to appear in various crossovers as the rival of Corner. She is a time traveler from a different timeline of the alternate Earth Corner originated from.


At the age of 16, Nava was visited by a mysterious man who claimed to be from the past, who gave her a time machine which he claimed to have created, as a thanks for her helping him in his past/her future/her past.

Tainted Dreams

Other Appearances

Twenty-Second Choice: Hostility

Personal Information

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Nava has an intense rivalry with Corner, and is increasingly frustrated by his refusal to take the rivalry as seriously as her. She goes to great lengths to interrupt his plans whenever possible, which has her often branded as a "villain". Whenever matters concerning the stability of space-time are brought up, however, she may reluctantly agree to work alongside him.

Acting as further fuel for their rivalry is the crush Nava developed for Corner. She would feel to embarrassed to admit she had fallen in love with the man she was supposed to hate, and so doubled the effort she put into their rivalry to hide this.

Although they are both unaware of it, the man who gave her the time machine was in fact Corner from the future, who was inspired by Nava to break the time loop an alternate version of himself had created (an event which lead to their meeting in the first place, causing yet another time loop).