Nature Warrior is an action-adventure video game developed for The V² by TimeStrike, released in February of 2015. Inspired much by the Legend of Zelda and Mario & Luigi series, Nature Warrior follows young nature princess Crymsia as she travels through the lands in order to defeat the evil Nightshade, and make his troops surrender. The story takes place primarily on the new mystical planet Umbron, which is explored only in this game. The game features the player moving both Crymsia and Silver across maps to conquer fortresses and to defeat enemies, and to defeat the most loyal of Nightshade's minions.

It was later released for the TimeStrike Falcon.

Plot synopsis

Enraged at all his previous losses, the evil mage Nightshade takes over the unknown galaxy of Umbron in a vain attempt to build an empire that can both capture Crymsia Rose and the entirety of the Zaxinian Lifts! As problems begin to spread from the planet of Umbron, Crymsia heads out there to go punish Nightshade and his wrongful schemes. Accompanying her is Silver Zin, who Fandraxono sent to the nature warrior so she could have back-up in any scenario. Together, the two must conquer all of Nightshade's stolen territory and then work out where his hideout is, with seven major minions of his that they have to stop first before they may reach the madman. After conquering the Flying Fortress, Kastaway Keep, Barren Bastion, Humid Headquarters, Treetop Tower, Castle Caverns, and Rainy Redoubt, the two barge into the Sizzling Stronghold to confront and eliminate Nightshade.

Following his defeat at both his stronghold and at Lunar Lake, Nightshade retreats from the scene as the planet of Umbron explodes for unknown reasons, with Crymsia and Silver then required to evacuate as many people as possible within the next three real-time hours from each region (the player can save here and there). Once everyone is saved and placed out of Umbron, the area explodes. Crymsia and Silver congratulate each other on a job well done and give a hug before intending to go on their separate ways. However, Crymsia mentions quickly that she'd like to learn from his abilities a little bit... and get to make him happy, as well. Silver's face turns red as he runs away in fear, making Crymsia laugh before saying that she'll get his hands on him at some point again...



The typical mode of the game.  Features normal and linear gameplay, and everything else is just how it's supposed to be, such as enemy health, shop prices, move effects, and more.  Crymsia and Silver retain their usual amount of health.


After beating the main story, the player can play Extra mode.  In this mode, the player has half their health, enemies have tripled health, shop prices at six times their usual effects, and move effects last half as long.  Because of the sheer difficulty of this mode, there is no difficulty setting.

Time Attack

Similar to normal mode, but has no difficulty setting and focuses on the player attempting to get the best times in each area.  These times can be uploaded online to either astonish other players or prompt them to try and beat the records.


In Rushdown, the player can floor all the game's bosses in a row, with the Nightmare being the last of the line-up while the rest (including the extra bosses) are randomized.  Times are kept, and if the player beats the best time, they can challenge this again with a higher difficulty.


Gameplay is centered upon Crymsia and Silver from a third-person perspective in third-dimensional environments, with the goal being to use the characters' different talents to battle foes and get around the worlds.  The player must make use of their available skills to get through the game, and challenge as many enemies as possible to gain higher stats in order to challenge tougher foes.  As the game progresses, it gets harder and harder, store prices soaring up and enemies becoming more and more resistant to some of the duo's attacks.  Beyond typical enemy battling, the player must also make use of their platforming talents to get around the provided worlds, making use of their abilities as well.

The goal is to conquer the base of each world, which can be done in various ways, although most of the worlds have complicated systems for such.  However, at the end of every world, the player must battle one of Nightshade's elites (except in the last world, where Nightshade himself is fought) and destroy the Stronghold Support hidden there, in order to gain access to the next worlds.  In some cases, the player needs to travel back to the Flying Fortress to rest up or get items, or go back to other worlds to gain things they might need.  As the game progresses, the player might find hidden passageways in the worlds that lead to others, which can really easy navigation.

Crymsia and Silver have different functions.  Crymsia's gameplay is based on defense and stealth, able to defend herself well with her blade, but can also attack well, especially with the tipper.  Silver is instead based on offense, able to dish out many attacks in a row to obliterate enemies, but his defense is much less stable than Crymsia's.  It's important to alternate between the two, as they both have different overworld abilities and at times only one of them can defeat a specific enemy.  When one of the characters faints, the other will carry their body, slowing speed and attacks.  After two real-life minutes, the fainted character will regain one HP, and will weakly walk behind the player until healed or fainted again.

In the overworld, Crymsia and Silver have one attack, one field move, and one support move each activated.  To switch, the player should press select and change between their abilities to use others.  The menu pops up fast, and the process takes no longer than five seconds.  Crymsia has typical hack-and-slash moves with her Rose Blade and Silver has magical abilities that allow him to obliterate enemies, so even if the current special moves aren't useful, the typical attack options can be used instead.  Special attacks are used to clear out enemies that either resist or take little damage from normal moves, field moves are used to get around the worlds, and support moves are used to support the duo to increase their chances of survival.

Crymsia and Silver don't always have to be together though -- they can be separated from each other, and can rejoin later.  In some areas, only one character can be permitted to enter, so it's a necessity to break them apart at times.  However, when a character is on their own, and if they faint, it's an automatic game over, so extra caution should be taken when controlling a sole character.  The separation can also be used for separate reasons, such as pressing two switches at the same time to open a gate.  The two characters should be together often too; Crymsia and Silver have to rely on each other to access certain areas.

Rather strangely for an action-adventure game, a level up system exists, and experience points can be obtained via defeating enemies.  It's important to slash at as many enemies as possible to gain the most amount of experience points, as if characters are too underleveled, they can be easily overwhelmed by enemies encountered in later worlds.  Upon a character leveling up, they'll gain a buff in a stat that a player can choose: Health, Offense, Defense, or Speed.  In the case of speed, it will not boost a player's overall movement speed, but it will lower the start-up and end-lag in dodging attacks, and will buff overall attack speed, which can prove to be a high benefit against enemies with high speed.

On the battlefield, players can set up weapons like cannons and bomb blasters, and set them up with the help of A.C.T.  The weapons will attack enemies that get in their range, which deals pre-mature damage that can be used to the player's advantage if they end up fighting the enemy.  The weapon can backfire, however, on its users if they're in the firing range as well.  Weapons are installed permanently, but can be damaged and destroyed by attacks from almost anything, but they can also be taken down without damaging them, although the status of the weapon parts themselves keep the amount of health they had before being taken down.  If a weapon is destroyed, its weapons can be picked up and salvaged, and traded in for goods.


Much like Kid Icarus: Uprising, Nature Warrior has a very flexible difficulty system, put on a scale of 0.1 to 10.0, effectively giving one hundred different difficulty levels.  The average is considered to be 4.0, and all statistics on this article reflect that difficulty level in particular.  At 0.1, things are ridiculously easy, and some puzzles are stripped from the game, and some minibosses give excuses not to fight.  At 10 however, prices in stores multiply by 10 from 4.0, puzzles become very unforgiving and require the best timing, and almost all enemies, even pawns, can potentially OHKO the player!

Depending on the chosen difficulty for the game, the player receives different endings.  If 0.1 to 2.9 is chosen, the player will receive a bad ending after beating Nightshade that says that he made it all too easy so that he can hatch his next plot, which isn't the one he made in this game.  If 3.0 to 5.9 is chosen, the player defeats Nightshade and the Nightmare robot, but they get away and proceed to wreak havoc on the Lifts.  If 6.0 to 8.9 are chosen, the player can battle Phase 2 of the Nightmare, and upon its defeat, both Nightshade and the robot are torn to pieces.  If 9.0 to 10.0 are chosen, Nightshade waves the white flag, and the robot blows up.  Out of these, plot "6.0 to 8.9" is considered canon.



Attacks Field Support
Green Tornado
Crymsia slashes her blade around her, forming a small tornado that slices quickly and yet weakly at enemies in front of her.
Flower Bounce

Using the powers of nature, Crymsia can bounce on giant flowers and ascend into the skies, drifting with the wind with Silver's help.

Mask Reflect

Crymsia shines her mask, reflecting lasers and beams away from her. This allows her to temporarily clear paths through the dark.

Nature Strike

Via watching the movement patterns of the sun, Crymsia times her strikes to hit the enemy without failure.

Sun Shine

Using Silver to spread her powers around the room, Crymsia glitters with sunlight, clearing a room completely of darkness.

Web Tangle

Crymsia takes a line of silk out of her mouth, and sticks it to one wall and then another, creating a giant "spider web" to trap foes.

Poison Cut

Crymsia slices forward with her Rose Blade, having a 20% chance of intoxicating enemies she slashes up.

Vine Climb

Crymsia sends a vine upwards, using Silver to help her guide the vine to its destination.  Only three vines can be used at once.

Counter Stance

Positions Crymsia in a stance that allows her to block an attack, able to reflect 1.2x the damage back at foes.


The Windbreaker allows Crymsia to make her strikes break wind, slowing down any moving enemies for convenience.

Leaf Ride

Using Silver to help manipulate her nature powers, Crymsia can set up trails of leaves for them to cross, able to bypass gaps.

Prickle Shield

Crymsia forms a shield of barbed bushes, using it to defend herself from enemies and to do damage to those who touch her.

Solar Beam

Crymsia absorbs a lot of power from the sun, and unleashes it from her Rose Blade as a powerful, destructive beam of light.

Oak Breaker

Silver powers up Crymsia, enabling her to break through very tough obstacles, referred to as Oak Blocks.

Aloe Heal

By circulating her new-found aloe vera fluids through her skin and body, Crymsia can heal herself and also Silver.


Attacks Field Support
Grab & Toss

Silver picks up an enemy with his psychic energy, then tosses it away from him. This can also be used to pick up items.

Mind Reader

Using Crymsia to help him concentrate, Silver can read ancient scripts, allowing him to open new passageways and more.


Using his high intelligence, Silver reads the thoughts of an enemy, capturing their statistics and powers.

Shadow Ball

By concentrating his negative energy, Silver can toss balls made out of dark cells to inflect moderate damage on his foes.

Sight Burst

Using Crymsia to point the way, Silver blindly teleports himself in the given direction along with Crymsia.


Via using the pendulum, Silver has a small chance of driving his enemies to tears, which can prevent them from attacking.

Mental Doze

By concentrating his mental energy, Silver runs forward like a truck, damaging all enemies in his way recklessly.

Psychic Lift

By using Crymsia's love, Silver lifts the two of them to higher locations that their normal jumps cna't take them to.


By forming a wall of sadness, Silver can reflect special attacks to inflect damage on his enemies. The wall breaks after a use.

Violet Flame

Silver creates a violet flame in his hand, formed from his broken soul, and launches it to burn and scald unlucky foes.

Furious Fire

By letting Crymsia help him create friction, Silver can spread a furious fireball forawrd, able to power strong torches.


By creating a firewall, Silver can protect himself from special attacks, although physical attacks still hit him.


Tired of everything negative, Silver unleashes bombs of negative energy, damaging multiple foes around him.


Silver teleports to the last major area he touched, which can be used to get him and Crymsia out of sticky spots.


By concentrating enough energy, Silver can control weakened enemies (not bosses) and use them to his own advantage.



Character Description

The peace-loving warrior from the now deceased Floral Kingdom, Crymsia is a sweet and caring person who likes to interact with and help nature, doing whatever it takes to ensure the safety of her homeland.  With Nightshade on the loose and attempting to overtake Zonar, Crymsia decides to travel to his dimension to put him to a complete halt, in order to protect herself, her family, and her belongings.  Even though she can be rather child-like, she has a good heart and will do whatever it takes to protect what she loves.

Crymsia plays a safe defensive game, able to counter and attack at fast speeds, although it's required that she keeps her distance from Silver.  Her sword attacks are more powerful if the tipper connects with the opponents.


The dark, mysterious mage that was once ruler of the Zaxinian Lifts, Silver reluctantly joins Crymsia on her quest to shut down Nightshade.  A brewer of dark magic, and a strong user of it, Silver isn't hesitant to protect himself or knock others into the night sky.  While cold and quite intimidating, Silver has a very warm heart, although it's surrounded by a fence of guilt that never seems to end.  He tends to take everything around him with a touch of mysteriousness, not trusting anything besides his own girlfriend.

In contrast to Crymsia's defense system, Silver plays as an all-out attacker, able to knock out weak enemies quickly and able to whittle at high-health opponents.  He has an array of magic attacks, but his defenses must be watched carefully.


Character Description

A curious and nervous lady who follows Crymsia around on her adventures.  She can be seen as the "Chippy" to her adventures, giving the player advice on how the game works and helping Crymsia and Silver figure out where to go.  She doesn't have a playable role in the game, but she carries Penny Cans, which restores 50% of all health when used.  If a character is on low HP, sometimes she'll toss one.

If Penny runs out of Penny Cans, the player must stock her up at a store.


The fierce Guardian of the Sand, Dustai is a powerful warrior who sometimes challenges Crymsia and Silver to quick battle when they come across him.  While blindfolded and therefore can't see, he can sniff out and strike his opponents, and plays in both offensive and defensive manners.  He happens to be smart enough to counter dual moves too...

If defeated each time, he'll give the player a Tuna Sandwich.

Lance VII

While an annoying buffoon, Lance actually happens to be a very tidy shopkeeper, and uses his knight manners to kill thieves.  While he keeps things at high prices, it's possible to haggle with him and get him to put things on discount or whatever.  He mostly sells tactical advice, and the value of that gets higher and higher as the player progresses.

When the player plays on Sundays, Lance will either double or halve the prices of his lessons.


An independent warrior that has succumbed to being a simple shopkeeper, not being able to do what she wants thanks to being imprisoned within the planet.  While she initially keeps things at low price, unlike Lance, it is easier to agitate her via not making quick decisions on the menu, and will increase prices if you happen to take too long or something.  She sells souvenirs to the player.

When the player plays on Sundays, Rome will sometimes sell special items, but will also sometimes sell ONLY bad items.


The owner of the mechanics shop, Aene sells big weapons, like cannons, to the player for really high prices, but these are worth using on the battlefield.  While they do come with risks, Aene packs every weapon with an instruction manual so that people know how to properly use them without killing themselves.  She has a robot assistant, A.C.T., who will help set up the big weapons.

When the player plays on Sundays, Aene will make strange weapon crossbreeds.


A lady with many occupations, Valerie decide to get even richer via signing up for Nightshade's elite forces, quickly becoming one of his most trusted members.  Having borrowed the powers of wind, she took over the Castle Caverns and awaited the "two buffoons" she was supposed to defeat, but didn't expect them to be her brother and her brother's girlfriend.  After defeat, she realized her wrongs and ran...

Margaret Margaret the Pirate is the number one elite of Nightshade, and guards Rainy Redoubt.  She was responsible for the creation of the Flying Fortress' defenses and for helping Nightshade carry out her plans.  Cruel and demeaning to everyone she comes across, she puts up a very strong fight against Crymsia and Silver, although falls to their combined teamwork, and dies a painful death.
Nightshade Having been exiled from Zonar, Nightshade decided to try and take over the planet via using another to set up his plans, luring Crymsia over to try and stop him, wanting to distract them so that he has less to look over as he takes over the planet.  Cruel and unusual, he has been known for his record-breaking number of princess kidnapping, and has never-ending grudges.  To defeat Nightshade is to tear down every part of his plans, which is much easier said than done.


There are a total of eight worlds in Nature Warrior, each divided into eight maps for the player to traverse. Each one has the player attempting to overtake a base and to overthrow its elite and destroy its Stronghold Support, and this continues on until the player enters the last world, where they must simply defeat Nightshade and obliterate the Nightmare. Each world has different focuses and objectives, and its own different puzzles.

1 Flying Fortress

The first place that Crymsia and Silver arrive to upon entering the planet, the Flying Fortress is positioned well above ground and is held up by rocket fuel, along with the towers surrounding the base.  While easy to navigate and having weak troops, its secrets and tougher areas are kept out of the player's reach initially, meant to be explored later on in the game.  The fortress is connected to the other seven worlds, meaning that it serves as a kind of hub.

The objective of this world is rather clear, and it is to lower the security of the fortress via destroying the security protocols, which in turn allows access to all worlds except the specially protected Sizzling Stronghold.  As the players solve the tutorial puzzles and work their way through the security guards, they'll be able to encounter Seventh Elite "Robin", who specializes in electricity powers.  Once he is defeated, the player can properly access Kastaway Keep, the next world.

Flying Fortress doesn't introduce any new abilities to the player, but serves as a tutorial world to help out the player with what they already have.  The world introduces Weak Pawn, Natural Pawn, Spinning Pawn, Retired Bishop, Standard Bishop, Small Rook, Average Rook, and Kid Knight enemies.
2 Kastaway Keep

The Kastaway Keep, wedged in a canyon, is the second world that the player arrives to.  It is a dark place, with little lighting, and the players must solve puzzles to open lights or temporarily power platforms.  While the protection isn't as strong as it was with the Flying Fortress, the puzzles are much less forgiving of mistakes, and a fall into a black pit will cost a tenth of one's full heallth.  In the middle of the keep, there are abandoned tracks, which can be gone down via taking a minecart.  Some areas of the keep also have fiery traps and lava pits, which can scorch at the player's health.

The objective in this world is to light up the Keep via restoring power back to normal, and this is done by exploring the deepest and blackest areas of the area.  Doing such is not an easy task, as players will have to focus on getting through puzzles quick while their power supplies are still on, which isn't long.  Lighting the keep will power up the gate leading to Sixth Elite "Beatrix", who specializes in dark powers.  Once the player shuts down the Stronghold Support found within the keep, they can exit back to the Flying Fortress.

Kastaway Keep introduces the Nature Strike, Sun Shine, Shadow Ball and Sight Burst functions to the player.  The world introduces Powder Pawn, Pouncing Bishop, Running Rook, Normal Knight, and Seeker Knight enemies.
3 Barren Bastion

Barren Bastion is the third level, and takes place in a large, really hot desert.  The fortress has a unique outside atmosphere, revolving around Crymsia and Silver as they climb the bastion, working their way around the several searchlights set up in the night atmosphere.  The bastion is home to magical orbs, which can flip gravity and create magical paths for the duo to walk on, and also create/close out entrances/exits.  Sometimes, the Barren Bastion will suddenly have its floors crack, creating pits of quicksand that should be avoided, unless the player wants to sink into death.

In this world, the goal is to use the magical devices to create paths to access the Four Pillars, which, when destroyed, will forcefully open the way to the Bastion's core.  Players must master where the switches lead to, and what each one does.  Thankfully, the more progress is made, the more gates that open up, which allow players to get back to the Fortress to get supplies if needed.  At the end, the player will fight Fifth Elite "Joseph", who controls earth powers.

Barren Bastion introduces the Web Tangle, Poison Cut, Pendulum, and Mental Doze functions to the player.  The world introduces Frightened Pawn, Shadow Bishop, Flying Rook, and White Knight enemies.  A sole common queen is found guarding Joseph's room.
4 Humid Headquarters

The fourth world is Humid Headquarters, which is set up as a large "sandcastle" on a beach.  The headquarters has a tendency to make Crymsia and Silver walk both inside and outside of it in order to find a way into the heart of it.  Once fully inside, the player has to make it through a long, dark cave, filled with very dangerous enemies. Basically, the outside is tough to break into thanks to its maze structure, but the inside is cruel and grueling.  It isn't entirely linear though, some areas feature water and should be passed with caution, as dangerous animals such as octopuses can reach up and snatch down unsuspecting players.

The goal this time is to just run right through the headquarters and get through the maze, with few exceptions.  While tough to break through, it's a good place to earn higher stat growth, so maybe fighting the enemies will be worth it.  Additionally, it's not a rough world if one takes away the fact that the enemies are aggressive.  Once at the core of the dark headquarters, the payer will engage battle with Fourth Elite "Asher", who controls fire powers.

Humid Headquarters introduces the Vine Climb, Counter Stance, Psychic Lift, and Reflection functions to the player.  The world introduces Overpumped Pawn, Blitz Pawn, Angry Bishop, Strong Rook, and Air Knight enemies.  Two common queens guard Asher's room.
5 Treetop Tower

The nature-based Treetop Tower is the fifth stage, and forces the player to climb up through the vine-choked castle.  Despite the tower being the main location, Crymsia and Silver mostly travel on its outside, climbing the thick jungle and cutting through the tower's defenses.  While enemy forces are strong, the tower requires the best navigation skills to travel through, and careful footing, as one can easily fall down back to the start.  The Treetop Tower introduces wind chambers, which can be climbed via riding the wind given off from the enormous fans.

The objective in Treetop Tower is to clear out all the vegetation defenses so you can access the tower's prison, and there are eight vegetation defense systems overall.  After that, the key to the tower's prison must be found, which is guarded by a strong, possessed knight suit.  Once the path is cleared, the player must have Crymsia and Silver descend through the straightforward prison walkways, then challenge Third Elite "Anne", who controls nature powers.

Treetop Tower introduces the Windbreaker, Leaf Ride, Violet Flame and Furious Fire functions to the player.  The world introduces Common Queen and Vanish Queen enemies, the former having their true "species" debut here.
6 Castle Caverns

The sixth world is the Castle Caverns, which are a departure from the other worlds as it is almost entirely maze based.  While it has a very labyrinth-like layout, it has tough enemies, and has the focus of dispatching foes to progress.  The Castle Caverns are very dark, but by lighting sources, parts of electrical maps all over the area get lit up, allowing the player to figure out where they are and how to get to the end.  Like with Kastaway Keep, Castle Caverns is filled with fire-related traps, but has many water-related ones too.  Sudden jets of water can push players back into old rooms.

In Castle Caverns, the objective is to light up the electricity of the caverns and also the worlds outside it, including the Flying Fortress.  To do this, the players must look carefully around the manmade caves and find power engines, and flick them on.  After lighting up the place, the chamber containing the second-to-last Stronghold Support will open up, and the duo can challenge Second Elite "Valerie", who temporarily controls wind powers.  Defeating her will allow the player to exit.

Castle Caverns introduces the Prickle Shield, Aloe Heal, Firewall and Control functions to the player.  The world introduces Lightning Bishop, Fortress Rook, Sea Knight, Script Queen and Stone Queen enemies.  A breaker queen guards Valerie's room.
7 Rainy Redoubt

The seventh world is the Rainy Redoubt, and it mixes timing with labyrinth puzzles.  It takes place both outside and inside, and it has multiple floors to it -- and the watery world outside occasionally rises up and dips down, so the player should take notice of when water falls and rises so they can cross the dry areas.  Players have to control the water pump levels to be able to access new areas, or to deactivate the fragile fires keeping the water levels high.  Without a doubt, the puzzles here are at their worst, as any mistake can send a player back near the beginning.

In the Rainy Redoubt, the player must change the course of the water running throughout the redoubt so that it destroys the final Stronghold Support, but that will trap them with having to defeat the final elite.  After destroying the Support, the player must move through the darkened Redoubt and escape the resulting flood, and then challenge First Elite "Margaret" at the Redoubt's true exit.  Once this is done, the player finally has access to the Sizzling Stronghold.

Rainy Redoubt introduces the Solar Beam, Oak Breaker, Eruption and Teleport functions to the player, which are the last learnt.  The world introduces Fiery Bishop, Thorn Rook, Dream Knight, Hammer Queen, and Breaker Queen enemies, the latter of these having a "species" debut here.
8 Sizzling Stronghold

The last of the big worlds, this is the true hideout of Nightshade, having been locked away by a series of defenses.  It is simple to navigate, like the Flying Fortress, but combines aspects of the previous worlds while having lava instead of Rainy Redoubt's water and motherboards in place of Barren Bastion's magical orbs.  Added challenges include a multitude of powerful enemies and traps that can force the player to backtrack.  While it's not as challenging layout-wise like Rainy Redoubt, it still challenges the player's talents, and enemies will keep players busy as they cross.

The objective is simply to get all the way to Nightshade, and the Nightmare project hidden behind him.  This is much easier said than done, the player needs to have high stats to take on the powerful enemies, and they need to be aware of all their powers and talents, and should have enough healing items to last them through their venture, as there are no real rest points in the stronghold.  You are either prepared, or you are not -- the last boss is Nightshade and not long later, his Nightmare project.

Sizzling Stronghold introduces no new functions or abilities, instead, the world tests all of the player's learnt skills.  The world introduces Hyper Pawn, Last Bishop, Power Rook, Black Knight, Demon Queen and Elite Queen enemies, the last enemies in the game.
9 Lunar Lake

Lunar Lake is not your ordinary world -- after defeating Nightshade, he treats into this world, which is where you battle his incomplete "Nightmare" project.  Lunar Lake is a short world, but features a last puzzle that requires you to press a switch and get to the closing door within two minutes, using almost all of your talents to get to the end.  Once you pass this nightmarish puzzle, Nightshade unleashes his project on you, and you'll have to fight it in order to save Zonar from danger.

The world introduces no functions or enemies, but merely serves as the last obstacle before fighting the true final battle.


There is a sole enemy faction to fight in this game; the Chesspieces (Nightshade's Army). These are tough enemies that require Crymsia and Silver to work carefully to break their defenses, and to break them up. During the game's plot, the Chesspieces might also fight the Umbronians, whom have sided with the heroes because the Chesspieces took over their land.

Pawn Sixth Class
Pawns are the weakest "Chesspiece" enemies in the game, they generally have low health and low stats.  Despite this, they come in the greatest variations, and adapt accordingly to the environment.  The most typical pawn wears nothing special, and charges at the player with a spear.

Pawns feature adaptability that other "Chesspieces" don't, they're much better at adapting to the environment than the other classes.  In deserts, pawns will likely be more suited than the heat than the others, for example. Pawns are also the easiest to get experience off of, but they don't give a lot.  However, multiple pawns will give lots of experience, at the cost of also being high in number!

Weak Pawn
10 HP
These are the literal weakest enemy in the game!  They stab with a knife, but most of the time, they'll be too nervous to outright attack you!  They offer a very low amount of experience points, so maybe they're not worth picking fights on at higher levels.  Be careful, multiple pawns can overcome their fear together!
Natural Pawn
20 HP
Alright, these are real enemies.  They're still not very strong, but they can jump around, charge at you with their spears, and always prods around the land in search of Crymsia or Silver.  When they get close, attack them!  They don't do much damage, and mean free experience points.
Spinning Pawn
25 HP
Spinning pawns are introduced in the Barren Bastion, and spin around as cyclones that can reflect Silver's magic -- but they're not invincible, and can only take so much damage from Crymsia's blade!  They can be spun right into pits, so if they're really irritating enough, shove them to their deaths!
Powder Pawn
35 HP
Powder pawns are a different story from the others -- they can drop burn, poison, sleep, or paralysis powders on Crymsia or Silver to give them status aliments!  The best thing to do is to steer clear of them with Crymsia, or attack them from afar using Silver.  Powder pawns can get really nasty when attacked -- so OHKO them!
Frightened Pawn
50 HP
Frightened pawns tend to quiver and shiver, and don't like to attack you, but if backed up into a corner, their bodies will distort and they will attack with their monstrous faces!  Attack these pawns in the open, or don't attack them at all -- Silver's attacks won't fully KO a frightened pawn when monstrous.
Overpumped Pawn
60 HP
Overpumped pawns are the most hostile of their kind, if they target you, they will brutally attack you!  They charge like bulls, and hold giant axes that they swing as they near you!  The head is fully invincible, so you'll have to hit them from their sides or from behind to cause true damage!
Blitz Pawn
70 HP
The blitz pawn is no laughing matter, they will blitz through the air and also attempt to blitz right into you, and they can spread fire across the stage.  If they set too much on fire, they can burn up your platform eventually, so use Silver to finish them off!  DO NOT use Crymsia, as they can burn her up.
Hyper Pawn
80 HP
The last of the pawns, hyper pawns will charge mercilessly at you with their enormous diamond swords, and attempt to slash you into the ground.  Fortunately, their health is low in comparison to other enemies, so they're easy to finish off if you're not surrounded!  Use Crymsia or Silver to finish them off.
Bishop Fifth Class
Bishops are diagonal moving figures that stand tall, and wield physical weapons, such as spears and bows.  They have a decent amount of health, but sport high speed and can move diagonally to annoy players.  Bishops have little variety in different designs, although all move diagonally.

Bishops are the most annoying type of offense, even more than the queen because they're more commonplace, lurking in the shadows.  The player should look around before poking around, as a bishop can strike when unexpected. As bishops have typically average defense, Silver can defeat them from afar.  Crymsia can slash at them too, but Silver can defeat them from a distance, which makes him more useful to combat bishops.  In addition, his offense is stronger.

Retired Bishop
40 HP
These bishops retired from Nightshade's "Chesspieces" army at some point, but have stuck around with the threat of death.  They're rather lazy, and will only attack Crymsia and Silver if they get up close, but otherwise leave them alone.  Crymsia should attack these so she can gain experience.
Standard Bishop
65 HP
Nothing exactly special about these guys.  They'll attack you on sight, and are rather speedy, so you have to combat them.  Silver is good at defeating them, but a bishop can wipe out Silver's defense fast, so caution should be used when fighting them.  You can lure several bishops if Silver has multi-hit moves!
Pouncing Bishop
90 HP
The pouncing bishop has less weight than others, so it can jump around.  When it spots Crymsia or Silver, it'll jump towards them in big leaps, but its defense is low when it jumps, so just strike it when it's in the air!  But be careful, as soon as it lands, it will strike a blow!
Shadow Bishop
105 HP
You should look around them carefully so that a shadow bishop won't catch them -- they only strike from behind, so looking around in later worlds will be a good key to finding them before they attack.  They're rather rare, but hide around shadows, so if at low health, stay the hell away from dark places.
Angry Bishop
75 HP
The angry bishop is much like a retired bishop, being rather lazy, but if its friends are attacked in any way, it will find you and chase you.  You have to defeat it before its agitated, as if you don't, you'll run the risk of instant death if it hits!  Luckily, its health is real low, so kill it fast!
Lightning Bishop
130 HP
These bishops not only can use electric powers to stun you, but they're the fastest of their kind!  With such speed, they can easily catch up to you and put them out of their misery.  The best way to damage them is to have Crymsia use counterattacks against them, so prepare yourself!
Fiery Bishop
150 HP
These fire-spitting bishops move around quick, although not as quick as lightning bishops.  When they see Crymsia or Silver, they'll go aflame and move towards them at quick speeds -- they need to be paralyzed, or need to be tossed into water!  Once either is done, most attacks will strike them hard!
Last Bishop
175 HP
Last bishops are the last you'll see of the bishop kind, they move fast and attack hard with maces.  Stay out of their range, and if you can't, use Silver to attack.  Crymsia will faint if she gets hit, like Silver, so try to have Silver take many out in one area if possible.  Stay clear of their presence.
Rook Fourth Class
Rooks love defense, and usually remain stationary.  Silver cannot break through their sacred defense, so Crymsia must take care of them.  Rooks use ammo-related weapons, such as cannonballs, to attack.  Variations of rooks often add to their defense, or their attack strategies.

Rooks love to stick around, so they have high health and high defense.  Silver cannot burn through or psychically take apart the defenses of rooks, so Crymsia has to shatter through the defenses herself.  But players should watch out!  Crymsia can't reflect their likely high ammo output. Rooks fortunately are stationary or at the very least very slow to move, so if the duo runs into trouble, the player can make them go back to heal before taking on the rooks later.  But some rooks do trap the player, so knowing the rooks is important.

Small Rook
60 HP
These small rooks are the most sturdy of the weak enemies, although have the weakest offense.  They can easily be slashed at with Crymsia's blade, but players should make sure that Crymsia isn't too close, or the Rook can fire its emergency cannonball for unexpected damage.
Average Rook
140 HP
The average rook is pretty average, it's stationary, has typical cannonball weapons, and can beat down on inexperienced players.  The best way to combat the average rook is to slash at it with Crymsia, but also get Silver to launch its fireballs back against it.  Don't worry about surprises, it has none!
Running Rook
190 HP
This quick running rook moves as soon as someone goes up to it!  While running, it'll drop behind small bombs that can really leave a mark on Crymsia or Silver.  The rook should be paralyzed, then beaten down with attacks from Crymsia.  It can also be tricked into running off a cliff!
Flying Rook
150 HP
While the rook doesn't have that much HP in comparison to other rooks, it's much more of a pain in the ass to actually hit!  This flying rook moves slowly out of targetting view, and can fire rocket launchers to really set you off.  If it's paralyzed though, it'll fall down to the ground, where it can be truly struck!
Strong Rook
220 HP
This painfully brutal rook has not only high defense, but also has a very strong weapon, in the form of a giant turret gun!  It'll fire on sight, which can be troublesome, but it's easy to move out of its range and attack up close.  But be careful, as it can swing down a giant mechanical arm on you!
Fortress Rook
300 HP
This rook has an insane amount of HP!  It'll be absolutely stationary, and fire any of its three weapons: rocket launchers, cannonballs, and laser beams.  The rook must be fought up close with Crymsia, and have Silver dispose of its weapons.  Once the rook is damaged enough, it'll blow up, so run away!
Thorn Rook
270 HP
Thorn rooks are covered in thorns, and really stick to the ground.  These would be impossible to defeat, but Silver can burn off the thorns so that Crymsia can strike.  The thorns can grow back, so it should be slashed at as much as possible before the thorns grow back!
Power Rook
350 HP
This final rook can really scare players that don't know what it does.  Its catapult attack is very strong, and it can hit from close and from afar.  You, the player, must find a good time to go in and do damage, but also find a good time to step back and run away from the catapult!
Knight Third Class
Knights specifically target the player, but move somewhat slowly.  Their weapons are often long-ranged, and are physically equipped.  Knights typically ride on horseback, but depending on the world, they might ride other animals.  Some animals give knights different advantages.

Knights play equal offense and defense usually, but when openings are spotted, it's recommended that Crymsia strikes them with her blade's tipper.  Otherwise, Silver should attack, or lure the enemy into a trap made by himself. Most knights that don't ride horses ride an animal that gives them a very clear advantage, such as dragons in Sizzling Stronghold and sharks in Rainy Redoubt.  In these cases, the animals can also attack, so the player should be aware of both the animal and the knight's strategies.

Kid Knight
50 HP
The kid knights are pretty weak, they're easy to launch attacks against and their slingshots don't deal much damage.  They love to actually go after the flowers in the meadow, and don't grant too much experience, but it's easy to agitate a kid knight -- if you anger one, kill them fast!
Normal Knight
80 HP
A typical knight that always rides a horse, no matter what environment.  They have typical long swords that can hit you from afar, so you can either fight fire with fire as Crymsia or attempt to overpower the knight with Silver's magic.  Be careful, the strikes can do plenty of damage!
Seeker Knight
100 HP
Seeker knights are unusual, for they actively stalk you, even from far away!  While they're not too difficult to take care of, they often strike from behind, so you should be Crymsia so that Silver doesn't lose too much health.  Seeker Knights are much like normal knights, wielding long swords.
White Knight
135 HP
The White Knight is often seen with a group of friends, and defends them to the best of its ability.  The sword of this strong knight is a long sword, but caught on fire, meaning it can burn up Crymsia.  It's rather benevolent, but if you attack its friends or the knight itself, it will go merciless!  It's best to avoid it, but it gives plenty of EXP.
Air Knight
160 HP
The Air Knight is exactly what it suggests, it's a knight with wings that soars across the skies.  This one has no sword through, instead, it has a bow and arrow!  They can really stack up damage quickly on Crymsia and Silver, but with good magic aim from Silver, they can fall themselves fast!
Sea Knight
190 HP
Unlike other knights, this type is accustomed to the sea, and pops out from it to surprise unwary players.  From the water, it attacks with a gunblade, which is both a strong physical weapon and a powerful shooter.  To take care of sea knights, Crymsia should use her super-effective nature powers against them!
Dream Knight
225 HP
Dream knights are bizarre, they seem to be able to split into multiple clones of themselves, and can use mirrors as portals.  Dream knights do high amounts of damage with their big gunblades, but dream knights can easily lose a lot of health -- one fine swing with Crymsia's Rose Blade, the knight will take lots of damage!
Black Knight
260 HP
The black knight is the last class, and is the most reliable knight group.  They attack at fast and swift speeds, and do heavy slashes that can OHKO Silver!  These knights should be fought from a distance, and Crymsia should either get up close to sword fight or Silver should do careful magic aim.
Queen Second Class
Queens are rare initially, but are more common in late worlds, and come with a random strong weapon to use against the player.  They can move in any direction, and have high offense and speed.  Their weak spot is their defense, meaning they can be struck down easily.  They first appear in Treetop Tower.

These enemies really are pests!  Queens may not be the most common, but they can really take down the player in no time.  Crymsia should try to slow the queen while Silver tries to destroy it.  If only one of the two is left, the best option is to flee! Queens have typically high stats, so if a player comes to a queen unprepared, they don't know what's coming for them!  They should grind and rise in levels before combating any queen.  Fortunately, it is very unlikely to face more than two queens at once.

Common Queen
110 HP
The first queens you will ever see.  All other classes have very weak first foes, but not the queens!  These will move in any direction, and will attack with high power and can easily crush the player.  Crymsia should trap it, and then let Silver take it down -- but run, run if Silver falls!
Vanish Queen
130 HP
The vanish queen only appears when they're close you, and can strike hard -- but if you're prepared, Crymsia can do high damage with a well-timed slash to throw them off guard, then finish them off.  If not, they'll do a bit of damage or miss, and vanish again, only to appear later.
Script Queen
155 HP
The script queen will alter the "game's script" to her advantage, appearing wherever you are once she makes eye contact!  Don't look at them straight in the eyes, because if you do, they will stalk you until you kill them.  While they do weaker damage in comparison to the other queens, you still have to be wary!
Stone Queen
185 HP
At first, a stone queen will look innocent, as they don't have weapons nor can they move in your direction.  However, they have the unique property of being able to slam into you and crush you against the wall!  They cannot be defeated by normal means, but will give off EXP if sent tumbling to their deaths.
Hammer Queen
205 HP
The hammer queen can do a lot of damage -- when they swing their hammer down, they'll create shockwaves with varying effects!  Like burns, paralysis, poisoning!  They should be avoided up close, and Silver should attack them from far away.  They don't just use hammers though, so watch out!
Breaker Queen
235 HP
Despite her bulky and heavy appearance, she can really move fast, and can attack with her giant weapons.  Her big maces, her big can take a lot of damage in no time at all!  They offer some of the most experience points when struck down, but don't risk it if Silver's down!
Demon Queen
260 HP
While the demon queen moves pretty slow for a queen, she has the highest power stat in the entire game -- more than enough to OHKO Crymsia.  They are very rare to come across, but often guard gateways to other parts in the stronghold, where they debut.  Make sure you paralyze before you kill!
Elite Queen
300 HP
The strongest non-king enemy in the entire game.  While not having as much power as the demon queen, she has much higher speed and defense, which makes her a much more forbidding opponent.  To kill, she must be trapped, then Silver needs to lay out all his offense, or he will die.
King First Class

Kings are special in the fact that there's only one per world, but they have high stats all around, in contrast to the chess piece it was based on.  Each king has a different strategy in their respective world, and are hidden in the most unknown of the unknown areas.  Upon each one's defeat, a special prize is received.

One should never come underleveled when they take on a king. The kings are usually very strong, and can easily knock out inexperienced players. To want to successfully fight a king, a player should grind up levels and train up against enemies such as queens. In addition, kings may have strengths that no player can ever have -- so player should carefully watch how the kings play in battle before attempting to strike them. In addition, the kings all have different weaknesses!

All-Around King
1200 HP
After beating the Rainy Redoubt, you can start battling the kings.  This one in particular hides in the Flying Fortress, on the bottom floor.  This one has a very powerful axe to use in battle, and it can really tear at your health.  Once you take down all its health though, the other kings are yours to battle!
Earth King
1600 HP
The Earth King, hiding within the Kastaway Keep, is notable for his strong earth powers, and the ability to topple you over with earthquakes!  Attack him as Crymsia, as you'll deal very high effective damage, but stay away from his rock hurling attacks, as they can really put a dent in her!
Fire King
1600 HP
The Barren Bastion's king can utilize the powers of fire, and can create waves of fire that can instantly burn either of your characters!  The Fire King uses a flamethrower that can reach everywhere -- use Silver to potentially disable the weapon, then attack with all you got!  Be sure Silver doesn't get burned.
Dark King
1600 HP
The Dark King, hiding within the Humid Headquarters, can use dark powers to attack Crymsia and Silver from faraway locations, able to jab his enormous hands through portals to attack them both.  Crymsia has to masterfully counter the attacks so that they punch the Dark King back -- it's the only way to hit him!
Nature King
1600 HP
Within the Treetop Tower hides the Nature King, who can create vines to trip over both characters, and can absorb their health via grabbing them with vines!  Silver should be primarily used, as he can burn up the king, but Crymsia should be used to chop apart the vines that can be used for healing.
Wind King
1600 HP
The Wind King resides deep within the Castle Caverns, and is particularly nasty.  Able to darken up the place, Crymsia should light up the place so that Silver can attack the Wind King before he blows the two away!  Crymsia should paralyze the Wind King so that he can't attack either, but they should both watch out for the leafblower attack!
Water King
1600 HP
The Water King, at the top of the Rainy Redoubt, is really strong, able to drench Silver so that he cannot use fire against him, but can also send Crymsia flying off the redoubt top!  To defeat the sword-wielding king, he should be carefully approached by Crymsia, who should slash at him, while Silver tries to burn him!
Final King
2000 HP
The very last foe, able to be fought after deeating all the other kings.  A strong, strong foe, the Final King can roam haphazardly around the land and OHKO Crymsia and Silver upon even touching them, and can use an array of weapons including lasers, swords, maces, everything that was seen before!  Use teamwork to finish him off!


Nature Warrior has a total of twenty bosses, seventeen required ones and three optional ones that can only be crossed by going out of one's way to access them.  There are two bosses per world, with the exception of the final world, which has only one, and the extra bosses reside in their own voids separate from the worlds.  Bosses are generally like enemies, but have much more health and take a lot more effort to defeat.  Most bosses require both Crymsia and Silver to exploit their weaknesses.

1 Alice
Alice is a tall fighter working as Robin's apprentice, using her strong karate skills to fight Crymsia and Silver.  She is rather fast, and can chop away at plenty of one's health.  Alice is fought in a circular arena with a hole at the top letting in blinding sunlight.  As Crymsia, she should reflect the sunlight using Mask Reflect to blind Alice so that she crashes into a wall, then Silver should grab her and toss her into a wall using Grab & Toss.  Crymsia can also damage her, but Silver does a lot more damage reliably.

Alice has 90 HP.
2 Robin
Robin is the first true boss of the game, and he defends the Flying Fortress.  Using electricity powers, he goes around at the speed of light, rampaging and attacking Crymsia or Silver if they're in his path.  Crymsia should reflect sunlight with Mask Reflect to stub Robin, then Silver should grab Robin and smash him into a wall.  After he takes damage, he'll run around the arena in a rampage, unable to be touched or paralyzed until moments later, where he repeats his pattern.  He can use an electric sword later to highly damage either character.

Robin has 180 HP.
3 Hadrian
Hadrian is a ghost of sorts, working under Beatrix to guard her base.  His special abilities include being able to manipulate shadows to suck Crymsia and/or Silver in and damage them by a fourth of their total health, and the ability to teleport.  Fought in a square arena with no hazards, Silver should use Sight Burst to get up close, then Crymsia should use Nature Strike to attack without failure.  They should be quick though, for Hadrian can teleport away and strike with a ball of dark energy.

Hadrian has 130 HP.
4 Beatrix
Beatrix is pretty strong, able to control shadows of fallen enemies to attack Crymsia and Silver, and can teleport the arena, forming dark traps to keep down the two.  She can burst her dark energy into Shadow Balls and launch them at both characters to drain their health, but Silver can use Sight Burst to pass the shadow waves, and Crymsia can use Nature Strike to attack her up close.  When she takes a lot of damage, she'll make dark shockwaves go across the floor every time she stomps.

Beatrix has 250 HP.
5 Alexia
User of rock, Alexia assists Joseph by attempting to stop Crymsia and Silver's progress by setting up path blocks in the form of giant boulders.  In her circular arena, Alexia will attempt sending Crymsia and Silver tumbling off into the spikes of her battle room.  Crymsia should use the pillars in the room to create spider webs (using Web Tangle), while Silver should use the Mental Doze to do high damage to her while she's stuck in the webs.  At low health, she will burn down one web, but will still get stuck if there's two in her path.

Alexia has 180 HP.
6 Joseph
Holder of the Barren Bastion, Joseph wields the powers of earth.  He'll strike out earthquakes in his match, attempting to knock Crymsia and Silver over into the pits of his dungeon.  Crymsia should use her Web Tangle to cover the gaps to save them.  If Joseph doesn't hit the duo three times in a row, he'll go towards them in his Magnitude Dash attack, and will try to slam them hard into the walls -- Silver should dive into him with his Mental Doze, and try to slam him into a wall.  As the fight progresses, Joseph can break off parts of the dungeon.

Joseph has 360 HP.
7 Rose
Despite her sweet name, Rose masters the art of poison, and tries to corrode the floor of her square battle room using her acids to hinder Crymsia and Silver.  There isn't much time to fight her, so the goal is for them to be quick.  Crymsia should use Vine Climb to go up the walls as Rose hangs around the ceiling, then Silver should carefully try to use Reflection to rebound her toxic spheres.  Once she's on the ground, Crymsia should use Nature Strike to deal a lot of damage.

Rose has 250 HP.
8 Asher
Master of flames, Asher starts off the fight by lighting up the stadium with flames, and tosses patterns of fireballs.  Silver should use Reflection to bounce back the fireballs, while Crymsia tries to use Vine Climb to get up to higher areas if Asher ascends away.  To attack Asher, Silver needs to get close and use Grab & Toss.  As the fight progresses, Asher can use new moves, like pillars of flames, and can light up the ceiling to hinder Crymsia and Silver's chances of approaching him safely.

Asher has 480 HP.
9 Forthwind
Forthwind looks like both a knight and a giant fly, moving around the square room with trapdoors leading to spikes, and swooping down to heavily damage Crymsia and/or Silver.  Crymsia should use the Windbreaker when Forthwind is close to slow him down, then Silver should use his Violet Flame to effectively burn the giant hybrid.  The battle repeats, but Forthwind will get more and more aggressive, and can try to carry either character and drop them from a lethal height.

Forthwind has 300 HP.
10 Anne
User of nature, Anne wraps herself in vines and hangs from the ceiling, sending spores to try to paralyze Crymsia and Silver.  Sometimes, she'll open up to them, and toss out energy beams and a large solar beam.  When she's open, Crymsia should use her Windbreaker to cut apart the beams, while Silver should use Violet Flame to burn Anne.  As the fight continues, she gets angrier and angrier, and begins to swell red, and more spores fall from the ceiling.  Vines can sometimes attack either character.

Anne has 600 HP.
11 Tristan
Tristan is an illegal dragon-human hybrid that aggressively attacks Crymsia and Silver on the "bridge" leading to the second half of the Castle Caverns.  The two should run away, dodging fireballs and tail swipes as they go, but Silver should use his Firewall to reflect the fireballs, while Crymsia should attempt to use her Web Tangle to paralyze Tristan.  When paralyzed, Silver should use his Eruption attack to highly damage Tristan.  If the fight doesn't end before the bridge's end is reached, it will collapse after Tristan burns the unstable ropes!

Tristan has 360 HP.
12 Valerie
While Valerie is a master of wind, she doesn't really use that much to her advantage, instead she just lets strong winds dominate the battlefield.  Instead, she goes around at high speed, and attempts to kick hard at Crymsia and Silver with her delicate legs, and can use pillars of light to both burn the duo and to show off her talents.  To attack Valerie, she must be nearby for Silver to use his Eruption attack on her, but Crymsia should also use Leaf Ride to catch up to her.  As the fight progresses, she becomes faster, and more resistant to defeat.

Valerie has 720 HP.
13 Leo
Leo is the master of ice, and works under Margaret's command.  He can freeze either player, especially Crymsia, and can cast blizzards to attack from afar.  Silver should use Grab & Toss to pick up the huge ice blocks, then toss them at Leo to damage him.  However, later he decides to hide in the air -- Crymsia should use her Solar Beam to bring him down, then Silver should Control several large ice cubes to attack Leo while he's still down.  After taking a lot of hits, he will fall.

Leo has 420 HP.
14 Margaret
Margaret is quite a challenge -- her blunderbuss can really cause problems.  She'll fire many cannonballs from it, which the duo have to effectively dodge.  She is invincible to Silver's flames, so only Crymsia can damage her with her own Solar Beam attack.  Silver isn't useless though, he can control one of the cannonballs to stun Margaret so that Crymsia can execute her attacks on her.  As the fight moves on, Margaret can start using awkward cannonball sequences, and can emit poisonous gases from it.

Margaret has 900 HP.
15 Morning Star
User of magic, Morning Star will try to stop Crymsia and Silver with her strong fairy magic.  Able to turn them into butterflies if they come too close, Crymsia and Silver should stay well clear from her.  Silver should use Reflection to rebound her bullets, and also use Pendulum to make her cry, which will give Crymsia an opportunity to use the Oak Breaker, which will do severe damage to Morning Star.  Silver cannot attack her, as "males" cannot defeat her, so Crymsia should be doing the real work.

Morning Star has 500 HP.
16 Nightshade
Nightshade is the seemingly final boss -- and he puts up a hell of a fight.  First off, Nightshade will make a fog that makes it hard to see him, then he'll use status-inflecting spells to try to harm the player's progress.  After that, Nightshade will use his own form of Grab & Toss to move the duo away from him.  He'll repeat the process, but will occasionally magic heal.  When below half health, he'll use a beta version of his Nightmare project, which can fire cannonballs and launch heavy flames, and also obliterate parts of the battlefield.  To defeat phase 1, Crymsia should use her Solar Beam after Silver uses Reflect to send projectiles back.  As for phase 2, Silver should use Control to send back the cannonballs, while Crymsia should use Nature Strike to damage the cockpit.

Nightshade has 1000 HP -- 500 for phase 1, 500 for phase 2.
17 The Nightmare
Nightshade's completed project -- and the final boss.  The Nightmare roams around the atmosphere like a dragon, and uses swords up close, can launch cannonballs and elemental spells from afar, and can do severe damage with its large tail and enormous claws.  Some of these attacks have the potency to immediately knock out the duo.  The Nightmare spends most of its time in the sky, but when it descends, Crymsia should use Nature Strike to combat its swords, and Silver should use Eruption to melt the defenses.  When its master is exposed, Crymsia should attack with Solar Beam to do high damage.  As the fight progresses, the Nightmare shreds more and more of the battlefield, and spends less time in the air, requiring quicker reflexes to fight it.  Once its at very low health, it'll go far away, and fire a giant fist to damage the duo -- but if Crymsia uses Counter Stance, she'll strike the fist back, making it go down once and for all.  Silver should use Grab & Toss to smash the machine into the ground, destroying it for good.

The Nightmare has 2000 HP.
EX1 Wasteland Warriors
The Wasteland Warriors consist of Iron Mask, Scarlet, PAIN-T 3.0, Shirley, AND Whitney, which means five characters to fight.  The first one you fight is Whitney, who has low health but is very nimble and can do high damage with her bo staff.  Next is Shirley, who can whittle damage with her blade, and both attack from afar and up close.  PAIN-T 3.0 isn't fast, but her defenses are somewhat high and she can use paint to slip the duo and can blind them -- and can also use her arms to do some damage.  Scarlet can generate fire, which can burn Crymsia to a crisp, and can move around at high speeds to dish out damage, like Whitney.  Iron Mask is fought last, and while he'd be easy to defeat at full health, chances are neither of the characters are.  His gunblade can do tons of damage from afar and from up close.

Whitney has 100 HP, Shirley has 300, PAIN-T 3.0 has 500, Scarlet has 400, and Iron Mask has 500.
EX2 Super Macho Man
The player only goes into battle as Crymsia, while Silver watches from the sidelines as her Doc Louis.  Super Macho Man is the most dangerous boss if one does not have good dexterity.  Super Macho Man punches a lot in the fight, and has very strong punches, most of them able to one hit KO Crymsia.  She has to duck his Macho Spin Punch, or suffer an instant fall.  His Super Macho Clothesline Attack doesn't OHKO, but requires Crymsia to dodge multiple times in a very quick succession.  When he has an opening, Crymsia should use her Nature Strike to attack his face -- but should be careful once again, as Super Macho Man can block attacks to his face, meaning that she has to try to strike his gut (and she won't be able to).  To lose, Crymsia must fall three times -- but to win, Super Macho Man must fall three times.

Super Macho Man has 900 HP in round 1, 600 HP in round 2, and 300 HP in round 3.
EX3 Black Eyes and Devina
The last of the extra bosses, Black Eyes isn't around for most of the match, but Devina, controlled by strings, will actively attack Crymsia and Silver.  She can bite the players, spread darkness around to infect them, and can instantly cause death ON CONTACT.  Crymsia should use Nature Strike to hit her, while Silver uses Eruption to prevent her from coming close.  Once she takes enough damage, she'll disappear, forcing Black Eyes onto the screen.  He'll teleport around the arena, occasionally stopping to lift an arm.  If his right arm is lifted, he'll spread waves of fire, ice, electricity, poison, or sleeping spores.  If his left arm is lifted, he'll send out dark creatures to attack the duo.  Most attacks will not harm Black Eyes, but if Silver uses Control on his minions, he can get them to attack Black Eyes, killing his defenses, allowing them to use their most powerful attacks on him as he tries to get his defenses back in order.  If not attacked within a minute, Devina is revived, and the process repeats.

Devina has 500 HP, while Black Eyes has 1000 HP, effectively making the latter the game's superboss.


Via purchasing weapons from Aene, the player can set up weapons to use on the main battlefield to take care of enemies for when they themselves can't attack everything at once.  The weapons can be damaged by both players and enemies, so they won't last long if they're particularly targetted.  The player should be aware though that enemies can set up their own weapons against the players!  Regardless of who owns the weapons, the player can dismantle them and use them for themselves later as long as they're not destroyed.

Bomb Blaster
300 HP
The Bomb Blaster launches an explosive that bangs in a circular radius, dealing moderate damage to all enemies caught within its range.  Different variations of this weapon have a smaller radius and do much higher damage, or have a ton of range but do minuscule damage.
Fat Cannon
500 HP
The Fat Cannon, when fired, will shoot out enormous cannonballs that don't go far, but deal big damage to opponents caught in its path.  Other versions either make the ball go much further with a cost of power or fire multiple, smaller cannonballs to hit different enemies.
Gun Turret
200 HP
This weapon will scout for enemies, and fire at them on sight with small damaging bullets.  It has a long range, so it can shoot from far areas.  Different versions of this weapon can fire bullets from three different guns, but the range is shortened, or the bullets can reflect off of walls, again at the cost of range.
Laser Camera
150 HP
The Laser Camera looks for opponents, then shoots them with a high-damaging laser if they're nearby and caught.  One variation gives it much better range, but the damage comes in multiple shots, and the other gives out giant lasers with explosive results, but the range is even shorter.
Missile Launcher
250 HP
Via seeking heat, the Missile Launcher fires its weapons at foes, dealing moderate damage on contact.  One variation has the missiles go in a straight line, but blows up in a high-damaging explosion, and another lets the missiles circle around the weapon, moving towards foes on "sight".
Stone Catapult
300 HP
A simple weapon that launches big stones straight forward.  It does very high damage if its attacks land, which is rare, but the length of the launcher can be expanded and retracted.  Other versions make the rock explode into pieces and also fire more rocks, at the cost of size and power.
Watery Ballista
250 HP
This weapon can be set up in the water, and fires arrows straight forward.  It can ascend and descend in water to catch opponents are different water levels.  An alternative version fires multiple arrows, but range is shortened, and yet another alternation fires an array of arrows all around, but with even shorter range.

Status Aliments

Status aliments are conditions that can be picked up by Crymsia and/or Silver from specific enemies or touching certain terrain.  These have no benefit, and will harm the player until they use either an All-Purpose Cure or a kind of cure that matches the respective condition.  If both characters are frozen, however, the player receives an automatic life loss, as they cannot break from the condition by themselves.


This status aliment is gained from touching electrical terrain, or taken from paralysis powder.  Despite its name, the player is not actually stuck, they just become more sluggish and become more vulnerable to enemy attacks.  There is a 30% chance that any attack thrown out will be stopped by paralysis.

Can be cured with Feel-Free Lotion, found in sand and heated areas.


When the player makes contact with lava or burning powder, they will slowly burn to death.  This should be cured immediately, although it shouldn't be treated like the much rougher poison condition.  Burns will, however, affect the offense stat, and will make vision somewhat blurry.

Can be cured with Shivering Pill, found in chests.


If the player touches someothing acidic or makes contact with poison powder, they can become poisoned.  Unlike with burns, which simply damage you over time, poison becomes stronger and takes down more health the longer the condition is active.  This should be cured immediately.

Can be cured with Sweet Antidote, found in chests.


By making contact with freezing weapons or by freezing attacks, the character can become frozen!  It is impossible to cure when you're the frozen one, so the cure should be passed off by the other character.  But shall both characters be frozen, or the non-frozen one is down, it's game over!

Can be cured with Hot Hot Fire, found in heated areas.


While it does no damage, if you're asleep, you're left wide vulnerable to opponents, as well as other deadly status effects!  To wake up faster, mash your attack button.  Sleep can be cured by the other character, shall they not be asleep.  However, it is possible to fall asleep on a bed -- for healing purposes.

Can be cured with Wake-Up Hammer, found in chests.




  • The release date refers to when Nature Warrior's first concepts came about.
  • Despite the player never really having played The Legend of Zelda series, Nature Warrior is somewhat built off of Majora's Mask.
  • The Devina presented in the superfight battle isn't the real Devina, she's actually a clone created in case the normal Devina fails.  Nevertheless, the fight isn't canon to the game, nor the timeline itself.

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