Developer, Producer, Everything Else Cannonball Games
Genres RPG
Release Date Never
Released for Wii U
Rated ESRB2013T

Nature is an RPG produced by Smileykits. Playing as a golden robot named Aurum, you traverse multiple lands, conquer each and claim them as your own.


Chapter 1: One World

Aurum, a golden robot who is the leader of a clan of robots in a futuristic town called Chromium City, has been sent on a mission. Heliora, the goddess of the sun, has taken over the other robots' previous cities and converted them into natural reserves with varying climates. Aurum therefore heads into Sunview Meadows where he can first confront the guardian and destroy his land. Equipped with an arm extender and a crushing mechanism, Aurum heads off.

After reaching the end of the meadows, taking down foes along his path, he meets the Bovine Guardian, who prevents him from entering the forest up ahead. Aurum swiftly takes him down and steals his magic, which gives him access to the moves that the guardian had used against him. Just before he enters the forest, Aurum gets a letter from Heliora, delivered by her messenger Nuntius:

                      To Aurum
                             Don't you dare go anywhere near that forest.
                             Because I have the strength to destroy you if you do.


We then see Heliora for the first time. Sitting high up in her palace, she watches over the chaos and sends more of her creations down to the land. Her daughter, Flumen (a water demi-goddess) watches her and skulks off.

Chapter 2: Flee the Forest

Aurum enters the next area, Gnarlwood Forest, only to be tagged from behind by a teenage robot named Argentum. He'd picked up the trail that Aurum had left behind via the satellite on his head, and had gone after him.

As it turns out, Argentum proves to be a pretty good ally. Despite never having fought before, he brings his own arsenal of moves to use against the new foes. As the end of the forest nears, the duo encounter the Eco Guardian... who promptly gets destroyed, has his magic ripped out of him and left to rot. Nuntius arrives again, with a new message:

                      To Aurum
                             You'd better watch your step.
                             This is just the beginning.


Chapter 3: Canyon of Chaos

Approaching the third area and already running out of battery, Aurum gets knocked out by an Imp. Argentum fixes him up with a charger and has to traverse the vast gorge known as Earthdrop Canyon alone.

Earthdrop Canyon then suddenly breaks open, and Argentum falls in. He encounters different foes, and eventually, reaches the Sunset Guardian, who punches away Argentum... just as Aurum recovers in time to face him, and rob him of his magic. As expected, Nuntius appears:

                      To Aurum
                             This is your weakest scheme yet.
If you want to actually fight me, then... don't rely on your silver buddy to do the dirty work.


We see Heliora again. However, she's arguing with Flumen about something. We can't hear what they're saying, but it appears to be serious.

Chapter 4: All Rounders

Aurum and Argentum reach Aridfire Desert to discover... a giant, hulking robot weeping on a sand dune. Once Aurum snaps him out of his breakdown (by forcefully jamming his circuits in) the robot introduces himself as Pugno. Pugno joins them and the duo becomes a trio.

As they travel further, they discover that the desert isn't as barren as they first made it out. Aurum's metallic sheen starts to deteriorate due to the intense heat, whilst Pugno pounds the ground, looking for foes to fight. They eventually discover the Sandstorm Guardian, and surprising everyone, Pugno kills it with one punch. Pugno then gains the powers of it (to the annoyance of Aurum), and Nuntius appears again.

                      To Aurum
                             Have you ever considered stopping yet?
                             Do you really want to wipe out all life?
                             Have you even thought about that?


Chapter 5: No More Light

At the end of the desert lies Mt. Aurorashine, the beacon that connects the land to the gods. Eager to go beat up things, Aurum and co. venture inside.

While searching the base of the mountain, known as Crystalrock Cavern, Pugno suddenly falls through the floor and into a shimmering lake. Argentum wants to go search for him, but Aurum forcefully drags him back as they continue onwards. Onwards and onwards they scavenge, until they find a mine cart that ejects them into a shaft lined with torches. Finding the Geo Guardian, the two fight until, as per the norm now, he is defeated and his magic stolen. Instead of receiving a message from Nuntius, Aurum gets a transmitted signal from Pugno:

                     Aurum -
                           Can you help me? It's all dark and stuff...
                           I think my arms fell off. Just give me a hand, OK?
                                            Your pal, Pugno

Aurum insists that they carry on, but Argentum is not moved and walks off anyway.

Up at the top, Heliora is getting angrier and angrier. Flumen is sobbing in the corner, trying to hide her grief. Enraged, she abandons her mother and hops into a river, down the mountainside.

Chapter 6: Suspicious

Meanwhile, Pugno is stumbling around in the dark. Having fallen into an underground pool called Washspring Falls he steps into a patch of light only to notice both his arms are missing. Wandering alone, he has to deal with enemies the only way he knows how - via the moves he picked up back in Aridfire Desert.

Along the way, he meets Flumen. She explains that she needed to 'be alone', and that she doesn't mean harm. She joins Pugno's side and restores his arms via her magic, but Pugno laments their drop in attacking power. They are almost at the end when Argentum rushes in, grabs Pugno by the arm and drags him along. Flumen hurriedly tries to catch up, but she is blocked by the Hydro Guardian. The three fight together to defeat it, and Flumen gains its powers. Nuntius arrives again, but not to deliver anything; instead he explains that her mother is sorry and wants her back.

Chapter 7: On Your Knees, Please

Aurum has finally reached the top of Mt. Aurorashine. He is more patchy and scruffy than ever, and his right arm has lost all its colour and is now a deep bronze. It is chilly up at the top, and he is very determined to confront Heliora.

He charges at the wind and crashes into Argentum, who has just reached the top of the mountain with Pugno and Flumen. Argentum explains what had happened while they were trapped, but with every word he speaks, Aurum gets angrier and angrier. Once Argentum mentions Flumen receiving the Hydro Guardian's powers, Aurum lashes out at Flumen and kills her.

The three walk on in silence, Aurum having stolen the Hydro Guardian's powers. We then see Heliora, building the ultimate lifeform - the Sub-Zero Guardian, who has been given specific orders - to destroy Aurum. Down below, the three robots reach the utmost peak when the Sub-Zero Guardian comes crashing down. Argentum and Pugno back out, fearing for their own lives.

Aurum gets the guardian to swipe at him a few times, then pretends to call a truce. The Sub-Zero Guardian falls for it, but the second his back is turned, Aurum pushes him off a cliff.

Chapter 8: Finally

The three then ascend to Heliora's temple, and enter it. Inside, they find copies of every last guardian they fought, in order, awaiting them. Aurum strikes them all down and proceeds to the end of the hall, where he and the others meet Heliora for the first time.

Aurum and Heliora do deadly battle (Argentum and Pugno attempt to attack, but can only miss), but in the end, it is Heliora who has the upper hand and Aurum is destroyed. The goddess sends Argentum and Pugno back down to earth while she goes off to cry alone.


This game is a semi-open world game where you can freely roam around, explore and pick up items that can be useful in battle.

Like most RPGs, Nature features a variety of enemies that you defeat to get stronger. The enemies (aside from the Imp Family) are sorted by world and have a different geological theme.

The enemies appear while traversing the overworld. Once you come near one, you are locked into a battle with it as the health bars and options appear, but if you choose the 'Ignore' command, you can avoid the battle and run away.


Every new party member has two moves, but they gain more by defeating a boss. Whoever dealt the killing blow to the boss receives their powers. However, the powers are tied to the plot and characters such as Argentum cannot receive any.

Move name Character who can use it Type Unlocked by Description
Arm Extension Aurum Attacking Default Aurum launches his arm forwards, smacking anyone it hits.
Claw Gripper Aurum Attacking Default Aurum rushes up to the opponent, grabs them by the chest, and throws them.
Sonar Wave Argentum Status Default Argentum emits a sonar pulse from his antenna, stunning the opponent for a few seconds.
Electric Smack Argentum Attacking Default Argentum smacks the opponent after charging up his fist with thunder.
One Punch Pugno Attacking Default Pugno smashes into the opponent with his fist, almost one-hit KOing them (and instantly one-hit KOing the Sandstorm Guardian). Becomes weaker when Flumen heals him.
Vental Core Pugno Status Default Pugno launches steam from his body, slowing opponents' speed and allowing attacks to be dodged more easily.
Rain Cloud Flumen Status Default Flumen throws a rain cloud above the opponent, which damages every 15 seconds.
Nutrient Replenish Flumen Healing Default Flumen can heal herself or a party member.
Seed Spitter Aurum Attacking Defeat the Bovine Guardian Aurum launches several seeds at the opponent, which explode.
Grass Cutter Aurum Attacking Defeat the Bovine Guardian Aurum slices at the opponent with a leaf. Can cause damage over time.
Trunk Wrap Aurum Attacking/Status Defeat the Eco Guardian Aurum wraps a trunk around the opponent, which constricts, damages, and lowers speed.
Photosynthesise Aurum Healing Defeat the Eco Guardian Aurum heals himself.
Seismic Wave Aurum Attacking Defeat the Sunset Guardian Aurum stomps into the ground, creating a wave that knocks over enemies as it goes.
Crunch-Kick Aurum Attacking Defeat the Sunset Guardian Aurum stomps down on the opponent, then kicks them away.
Flamethrower Pugno Attacking Defeat the Sandstorm Guardian Pugno breathes fire onto the opponent, which may cause damage over time (burn).
Sandstorm Pugno Status Defeat the Sandstorm Guardian Pugno whips up a sandstorm, which causes damage to any non-robots (this includes Flumen).
Rock Roll Aurum Attacking Defeat the Geo Guardian Aurum rolls a rock towards the opponent, which shatters.
Gemstone Deflect Aurum Status Defeat the Geo Guardian Aurum throws up a massive jewel, which reflects any incoming attacks.
Slip 'n' Slide Flumen Attacking Defeat the Hydro Guardian Flumen creates a water slide, then throws herself down it, knocking into the opponent. She will reappear behind the opponent and get a sneaky attack in. If she chooses to use Slip 'n' Slide again, she will go back the way she came. After she dies, Aurum gains this move.
Whirpool Plunge Flumen Attacking/Healing Defeat the Hydro Guardian Flumen sucks the opponent into a giant whirlpool that gives everyone in the party health. After she dies, Aurum gains this move, although he only heals himself.
Invisibility Mist Aurum Status Defeat the Sub-Zero Guardian Aurum disappears, dodging all attacks directed towards him. This does not apply to his teammates.
Below Freezing Aurum Attacking Defeat the Sub-Zero Guardian Aurum encases the opponent in a block of ice, which causes them to stop attacking for a few turns.
Meteor Shower Heliora Attacking Default Heliora summons powerful meteors that strike the opponent.
Barrier of Light Heliora Status Default Heliora throws up a shield that blocks two attacks directed towards her.
Sunbathe Heliora Healing Default Heliora restores all of her health.


Items can be found scattered around the worlds. They have different effects in battle.

Item name Effect
Impetus Incrementum Boosts Attacking stat.
Defensiones Incrementum Boosts Defending stat.
Celiritatis Incrementum Boosts Speed stat.
Parum Curare Heals by a bit every 20 seconds.
Magnum Curare Heals by a lot every 30 seconds.
Somno Medicinae Puts the opponent to sleep.
Resilientes Ruunt Every time the opponent attacks, they get damaged.
Bis Ledo Allows you to throw out two attacks in one go.
Fortuitus Occidere Every attack has a 10% to one-hit KO the opponent.
Clipeumque Ex Aere Protects from one attack.
Clipeumque Ex Argento Protects from two attacks.
Clipeumque Ex Aureum Protects from five attacks.
Impetus Sanabit Every attack you take heals you.
In Horto Makes a garden appear. Anyone who isn't in the air gets healed every ten seconds.
Fugit Mortem If you get KOed, your death is erased and you revive with full health. Very rare.


  • I've been sent for a purpose: to take back what's mine. - Aurum, Chapter 1
  • Hi, Mr. Aurum. Sorry to disturb you, but I'M A TOTAL FANBOY OF YOURS! - Argentum, Chapter 2
  • I need to fight somethin'! - Pugno, Chapter 4
  • S-sorry! Sorry, sorry... I'm not here to hurt you! - Flumen, Chapter 6
  • Wait, you SUCK OFF ROCKS? And I thought my mum's casserole was bad... - Argentum, Chapter 6
  • Sorry, your deity-ness... it was his idea! - Pugno, Chapter 8



  • 'Nature' refers to the game's use of nature as well as the changing of the characters' personalities during the game.