Nathaniel (Cynn & Quill)
Full Name Nathaniel
Gender Shapeshifter; neither male nor female, but generally considered male
Location Unknown
Ditto infiltration group
Family and Relations
First Appearance "Nathaniel"
Latest Appearance N/A
Series The Continuing Adventures of Cynn & Quill

A ditto going by the name Nathaniel (real name unknown) is a villain protagonist in The Continuing Adventures of Cynn & Quill. He first appeared pretending to be a member of the Elite Four while being blackmailed by William. Nathaniel later incapacitated Cynn and impersonated him.

Character biography

Nathaniel is first seen posing as a member of the Elite Four. Willliam threatens to reveal that Nathaniel is a ditto unless he cooperates with the rebellion. However, Nathaniel manages to escape from William's blackmail by faking his death and impersonating Cynn (who has in fact been captured by the ditto council). He stays at William's base of operations, the pokemon daycare, for a time. Harold's group of ditto hunters track him down and attempt to kill him, which fails miserably; he incinerates Harold and escapes, but not before the ditto hunters have set fire to the daycare.


Nathaniel, being a spy, is treacherous and untrustworthy. He shows no regret in killing Harold, and believes that humans are inferior to dittos.

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