Full Name Nathair
Current Age 28
Date of Birth 582FC
Gender Male
Location Verge
Family and Relations
Yilan (deceased wife)
Main Weapon(s) Musurana
First Appearance Foregone
Latest Appearance Foregone

Nathair is a companion in Foregone.


Nathair was raised in Marais, and in his childhood was close friends with Yilan and Montpellier. As the group of friends grew older, Montpellier left to join the Scirevicis Academy and began studying Necromancy. As contact between them began to diminish, Nathair slowly grew to spite Montpellier for leaving their friendship behind.

Nathair and Yilan, however, remained close friends and soon enough fell in love. They decided they wanted to get married, and at Yilan's insistence Nathair extended an invitation to Montpellier, hoping to rekindle their friendship. They were shocked to discover that Montpellier had, in fact, moved to Aelai to continue his studies. Growing bored of Marais themselves and with no real ties to the country, the newly-wed couple decided they could go to Aelai and forge new lives for themselves. They bought a small home in Verge, where they lived happily for a time with Nathair earning a reasonable income as a hunter, working in the wilderness past Verge (the edge of Kresthita's territory).



Nathair still lives in Verge, unable to build up the courage to confront Montpellier.

Nathair offers the quests The Snake in the Thorn Bush (the quest which leads to unlocking him as a companion) if the Slave asks him to provide an escort through the wilderness and Necromancy's Face if they ask about work in the area. If the Slave knows any Necromantic spells, Nathair will not offer The Snake in the Thorn Bush until they complete Necromancy's Face.

Necromancy's Face

If the Slave asked about work in the area, Nathair will offer to pay them to clear out a few Necromancer hideouts he discovered. If the Slave is a Necromancer, Nathair asks them to consider the morality of Necromancy and visit each of the dungeons, to tell him what they saw.

Each of the dungeons is full of Necromancers and zombies, with many journals from Necromancers about various tortures they performed on the people who became the zombies in the dungeon (including killing them, reviving them as zombies, and killing them again just for fun).

The Snake in the Thorn Bush

Personal Information

Physical Description


Following Yilan's death, Nathair developed necrophobia (he even quit hunting after he became unable to bear being near the corpses of animals he killed long enough to skin them). Despite this fear, he is not a pacifist.



  • If Nathair dies before the completion of Snake in the Thorn Bush, he will make one last request of the Slave to take Musurana and kill Montpellier with it, regardless of their progress through The Snake in the Thorn Bush. Alternate dialogue is unlocked with Montpellier after this.

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