Natalie Rodriguez
Full Name Natalie Roberta Rodriguez
Current Age 20
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Rochester, New York
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Telepathic communication, mind reading, mind control
Nationality 25px-Flag of USA
Ethnicity African-American
Height 4'8"
First Appearance TBA

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Natalie is a woman from the RTAverse. She can use psychic powers to communicate with people, or to read and control minds.


Natalie is a very short 20-year-old African-American woman with long purple hair. She wears a brown leather jacket with a pink tank top underneath, a yellow skirt, black leggings and green and blue high tops. Her eyes are brown naturally, but she tends to wear blue contact lenses.


Natalie was born and raised in New York, spending most of her childhood in Queens. She discovered she had psychic powers when she was 4, when she caused her brother to punch himself with a flick of her hand. Natalie tended to avoid using her powers for the most part, until she started 7th grade. At the same time, Natalie met Sagana Afolabi, who had just moved to New York from Kenya.

Natalie helped Sagana settle into New York, showing him everything she knew from having lived there her entire life up to that point. The two became good friends and stuck by each other through high school. The two moved to Washington, D.C. for college and have lived there since. Natalie met Rosa Smith and Skylar Quinn when she was walking around the Capitol and became good friends with them, and they hang around often.


Natalie is obnoxiously loud more often than not, and likes to make noise. She is hardly ever serious most of the time and has a bit of an ego to herself.



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