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Nass T. Mann's artwork.

I will do away with you now, you pathetic pink puffball!
Nass T. when Kirby confronts him.

Nass Timothy Mann is the main atagonist of Kirby.


Nass T. is very cruel and ambitious, and easily agrivated when his plan doesn't work out. This also makes the character a bit humorous.


According to the instruction booklet coming with the game, Nass T. was once a regular human who was teased alot during his childhood. He then found a green amulet that gave him extreme powers, which corrupted him and forced him to destroy all who teased him. He then came to Popstar with plans to take it over.

Powers and Abilities

It is confirmed that Nass T. has the power to levitate himself and emit spheres of black aura, but his other powers are unknown.


  • His name is an play on words of "nasty man".

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