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Narwhals: Prepare
Developer(s) Saurus
Publisher(s) Saurus
Platform(s) Triple Tremor
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Australia November 4, 2013

25px-Flag of Japan November 10, 2013

25px-Flag of USA November 13, 2013

25px-Flag of Europe November 14, 2013

Age Rating(s)
Media Included Triple Tremor cartridge

Narwhals: Prepare is a release game for the Triple Tremor. It was made by Saurus in 2013. It's rated E because, while it has cartoon violence, it is usually very mild. The game is set in 2145.


The Narwhals(Mason, Brady, Jake, Ben, and Nathan) were swimming around an iceberg, when a massive swell came in. This was very uncommon in the arctic, so they decided to investigate. They eventually find a submarine that mimics the motions and patterns of a dolphin. They can't get it to stop, so they look for help. They get they're orca friend, Luke, to destroy it, but the metal is too strong. Suddenly a star falls from the sky. The Narwhals begin to freak out, and hide under the ice flow. When the star hits the water, it turns out to be a meteor. When they touch it, they all get strange powers. Mason becomes incredibly smart. Brady becomes extremely fast. Jake's horn-tooth becomes incredibly sharp. Ben's tail gets amazing strength, and Nathan appears to get nothing, but feels power brewing deep inside.

More to come...


A= Horn-tooth dash

B= Horn-Tooth swing

1= Tail sweep

2= Tail flap

Control Stick= Move

Touch Screen= touch to interact with things.

LS= Quick Swim (only as Brady)

LS= Compute (only as Mason)

LS= Breach to cause wake (only as Ben)

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