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Napoleonic Warfare is a Strategy game developed and published by Scarce Gaming on September 14th, 2003 for the Gameboy Advance. It focuses on the Napoleonic Wars, and includes three modes: Campaign, Warfare, and Linked Warfare.

They game plays similar to Warrior's Way, which would release almost 10 years later on the 3DS. Multiple exclusions are the campaign mode, which takes place in Africa/Eurasia, and has you opposing and defending against the other nations. In Warfare, you play a 3-round battle against a country of your choice, and in an area of your choice. In Linked Warfare, you play against another player in a 3-round battle in an area of your choice.

The game received positive reviews due to it's historical accuracy and large size.


Deserters, Pacifists, and Turncoats

In battles, troops will sometimes desert the army, not fight at all, or turn traitor and do considerable damage if given the chance. However, England's special ability forces troops to fight.

Health & Attack

As troops get more and more damage dealt to them, their attack and defence will decrease, much like real life. However, Austria's special ability makes troops always fight without these hindrances.


Cities are a big part of the game; the more cities you conquer, the less troops the enemy has to fight, the more troops you have to fight, and, most importantly, the closer you are to victory. Some nations also have bonuses that make them have more cities.


In the game, there are two types of battles; land battles, and ocean battles. Land battles matter the most and can have up to 99,999 troops on each side, while ocean battles, on the other hand, take place in the sea, on boats, and can have up to 999 troops on each side. Ships can get sunk during battle, causing large amounts of casualties, and must be rebuilt later.


Land Battles

3+ Armies

Battle Name Armies Information
Battle of Waterloo France, England, Prussia, Hanover, Netherlands, Brunswick, Nassau. On Sunday, June 18th, 1815. One of the most important battles of the Napoleonic Wars began. A French army under the lead of Napoleon was defeated by the Duke of Wellington and Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher. It was one of 7 of Napoleon's losses, and marked the end of Napoleon's reign as emperor of France.
Battle of Diamond Rock France, Spain, England. On the 31st of May, 1805, the Napoleonic Wars officially began with the Naval Battle of Diamond Rock. The battle was an attempt by Franco-Spanish forces to retake Diamond Rock from the British forces that had occupied it.
Battle of Cape Finisterre France, Spain, England. In The Battle of Cape Finisterre off Galicia, Spain, the British fleet under Admiral Robert Calder fought an indecisive naval battle against the combined Franco-Spanish fleet which was returning from the West Indies. The battle was yet another win for Franco-Spanish forces.

2 Armies

Battle Name Armies Information
Battle of Wertingen France, Holy Roman Empire.

Playable Nations

The game is incredibly vast, including every nation that competed in the Napoleonic Wars, and having a specific unit for each nation, defensive strength, and other features.

Nation Unit Defensive Strength Special Ability
France Musketeer 50 French Revolution: Turns the tide of the battle when one side starts losing.
Great Britain Ship of the Line 40 The Protectorate: Force troops to follow orders.
Austria Landsknecht 60 Blood & Iron: Troops fight as if they have maximum health even when damaged.
Hungary Hussar 60 Aster Revolt: Troops are 50% more likely to burn drafts.
Spain Conquistador 10 Colonial Superpower: Has twice as many cities.
Russia Cossack 100 Motherland: Has Siberian troops as well.
Prussia Soldier-King 50 Soldier-King: If a soldier-king dies, the nation is permanently defeated.
The Ottomans Sipahi 60 Auspicious Incident: Forces disband if half are killed.
Sweden Carolean 0 Nobel Peace Prize: Wins an extra bonus if winning the battle without casualties on either side.
Portugal Nau 30 Age of Discovery: Founds more cities as more are destroyed.
Sicily Sicilian Vespers 80 Italian Unification: Has more influence on troops than any other country.
Papal States Vatican Prisoners 60 Avignon Papacy: Troops continue after they go under 1 HP due to their faith.
Persia Immortal 70 The Rise of Persia: Continues conquering cities until it owns Babylon, Central Asia, and Asia Minor.
Sardinia (None) 50 Congress of Vienna: Fights alongside Sicily.
Netherlands Sea Beggar 50 East India Company: Gains more resources forever.
French Royalists Royalist First in the Hearts of Your Countrymen: Always fights alongside England.
Norway Viking 100 Viking Fury: Attack with x2 power when attacked.

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