Nanite Man
Nanite Man
Full Name Nanite Man
Gender Male-Programming
Current Status Destroyed
Class Robot
Main Weapon(s) Nano Lathe
First Appearance Mega Man K1
Latest Appearance Mega Man K1
Do I get under your skin? ...Good.
Nanite Man

Dr. Kojiro's 8th robot master Nanite Man was based on the theme of nanotechnology. He is extremely thin and lanky in comparison to the others Kojiro had built up to this point. He fights using his long shoulder tendrils by snapping them around like whips as well as using his signature weapon, the Nano Lathe, to create puddles of "grey goo" that will hunt down Mega Man. If Mega Man jumps over them, they will extend upwards. He can also shoot a "spread shot" from his Nano Lathe.

Behind the scenes

His color was chosen specifically to make him appear differently than the other 8 masters in the game; he was originally strictly silver. His tendrils are green because they're supposed to be glowing; same with his eyes.