Namcom Heroes Unite is a crossover of four Namcom games developed by the same company. The game was developed for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox and PSP in October 2005. The story is when the Namcom heroes team up to stop their villains from taking over their worlds.

It has the crossover of Skip and Sqak, Tak-Zac, Neverhood and Critter Fighters.

Playable Characters


In Sunny City, Skip and Sqak are having a nice walk on the streets until the saw Professor X2's Mothership. X2 announces that he captured Queen Kaida and King Drogo so he can be the ruler of the city. Shocked that their nemesis finally won, the duo wonder how X2 did it. Suddenly, a portal opens that sucks the pair into the F.A.C in the Critter Fighter Dimension.

There, Skip and Sqak meet Red and his small gang. They also meet Tak, Zac, Klaymen and Rico who've been sucked to this dimension so Red can warn them about whats going on: the F.A.C built a new invention called the "Dimensionator", but Vorxun stole their blue prints and built his own Dimensionator. With it, he summoned Professor X2, Dr. Kogg and the Tarantula Commander from their worlds so they can work togethor to take over other worlds. Pecker joins Red and the others so they can save all their worlds.

They go to Tak and Zac's world, where they find the Tarantula Colony invading the Ant Village. The heroes saved the villagers and Tak's friends and fought the Tarantula Commander in the Tarantula Nest. After saving the Bug World, the heroes go to Sunny City next.

In Sunny City, the heroes help the SSFF and Blue Ants raid the palace Professor X2 invaded. The heroes explored the dungeon to rescue Kaida and Drogo. After rescing the king and queen, the heroes fought and defeated X2 in the throne room. After defeating X2, they go to the Neverhood Island to stop Dr. Kogg.

In the Neverhood, Dr. Kogg has trapped all the chaos to suck all their energy so he can use it on his army. After rescuing Klaymen and Rico's friends, the heroes fought Dr. Kogg in his Labratory. After defeating Dr. Kogg, the heroes go back to the F.A.C.

In the F.A.C, the heroes learn that Vorxun and the other villains are planning to destroy all their worlds with the "X-Dimensionator" (which destroys dimensions). Not knowing where the villain's hide out is, the heroes decide to go into Vorxun's computer to get the coordinates for his lair. After fighting through viruses and the Firewall Security, the heroes got coordinates for villain's hideout which is up in space.

In the villain's hideout, the heroes fought the villains and destroyed the X-Dimensionator before it can can destroy their worlds. After putting all the villains in jail, the heroes go back to their dimensions where they continued their activities.



  • Professor Anstein
  • Queen Tayra
  • Croco
  • Imp
  • Tubby
  • Dib
  • King Cheatsy
  • Cynder
  • Robin
  • Roshan
  • Queen Kaida
  • King Drogo
  • Dr. Tron

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