This, (Releases Knife) is the reason why I've not died trying and why I'm still alive right now... Here, you take it...
Nagotchi Hikuromu, As he hands his knife to the player, ???

Nagotchi Hikuromu
Current Age 19
Gender Male
Location Unknown, Possibly in Japan
Raven Industries - Enemy
Main Weapon(s) Butterfly Knife
First Appearance  ???

Nagotchi Hikoromu is a rebel from a TBA of Japanese origin. He originally had come to the main city raven had been operating in as a tourist while dismissed from Cadet training in his country's army and was only staying for 5 Days. One week into his stay, The Surge occurred, thus trapping him in the country because of Raven blocking all services for flights. During the game, he serves as the player's partner (And possibly guide, as shown during the player's experience during The Surge).


Nagotchi commonly wears an armored vest which covers his plain white T-shirt of which had gained stains and some rips. He also wears large camo jeans held by a belt which had also gained rips and stains, On that belt is also a crude holster used for his signature Retractable Knife. Nagotchi is fairly thin due to the low amount of food, of which is agriculturally created in game by rebels to consume. Nagotchi has fairly Manga-esque black hair and a scar which goes across his wrist which was caused in The Surge.


Nagotchi naturally acts fairly brutally and is usually overconfident and cocky. He has a fair connection with his knife of which saved his life during The Surge and attempts to keep it safe in it's holster, of which he protects fairly often. He often tends to get into arguments due to being fairly immature for his age and usually is disruptive when angered.


Nagotchi had contributed quite a lot during and after The Surge, having organized part of the raid on Raven's intel of which was stored in a flight recorder under the floorboards of La puc d'or Hotel and Casino and had also contributed to the freeing of the player from a Raven "Solitary Confinement" room. Despite his age, Nagotchi is fairly high in the Rebel Ranks due to what he had done during the events of ???, mainly the evacuation of civilians from the cities affected by The Surge.