Nado is a childish lime green Robolt, and mastered the Ice element. Although he is short-sized, he shows what is possible and what isn't. He is rivaled with the corrupted robot Turnof, who mastered the Electric Element. He is a great friend of Sam The Koopa and big rival of Fire John.


Super Sam Squad 2: Mas Crisis

This is Nado's first appearence. He is avaliable as a default character. In the Intro scene, he bumped into the Player 1 (If the Player 1 is Nado, the other one is a random Robolt), and told that Turnof is causing troubles. He can throw Ice Balls no matter his states and can transform into Frosty Nado with the Ice Flower. Being the beastly Frosty Nado, he can cause quakes like Blaze John and can throw larger Ice Balls. He can even froze instantly any liquids with these Ice Balls.

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