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Nabbit Mansion
Developer(s) Expansion Corporations, Inc.


Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Fandraxo
Release Date(s)
EU June 6, 2017

Nabbit Mansion is a game featuring Nabbit. It was exclusively released in Belgium, the Netherlands and the British Isles for the Fandraxo.


Nabbit found the Haunted Towers after he somehow found Evershade Valley. Seeing a chance to earn €497.000, he goes inside to steal stuff and sell it on auction. The ghosts try to stop Nabbit and get the stuff back from him. Nabbit gets the upper hand, only to have the gate at the entrance close...


The gameplay is similar to Luigi's Mansion 2 (Dark Moon in North America). Nabbit has two quests:

  1. Catch as many furniture as you can
  2. Find all 6 keys and make it out safely

There are two modes:

Story Mode

There are several rooms in the Haunted Towers. More rooms are added which weren't in LM2. Controls:

  • Analog Stick (Left): Move
  • Analog Stick (Right): Move
  • Control Pad: Move
  • A Button: Make choices in menus
  • B Button: Cancel (in menus)
  • C Button: Jump
  • D Button: Throw/drop furniture
  • L Button: Grab furniture and put in sack
  • R Button + Control Pad or whatever Analog Stick: Run
  • R Button: Open doors/Interact
  • START: Start game
  • SELECT: Pause game

Nabbit cannot defeat Ghosts whatsoever, he can just stun them by throwing furniture. The rank achieved after leaving the mansion depends on Nabbit's furniture:

  • No money (no furniture): G
  • Less than €4000: F
  • €9000: E
  • €23.000: D
  • €44.200: C
  • €174.003: B
  • €260.786: A
  • €497.000: S (best rank)


The same as Story Mode, but when Nabbit gets out of the mansion, the game restarts. The collected cash is added to the player's total.

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